Spy Camera | Hidden Camera - Price in Bangladesh

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Spy camera is a type of camera that looks like any other object but has a camera inside. Spy cameras are also called hidden camera, secret camera. Many people use hidden cameras for security in Bangladesh.

Types of spy cameras

Depending on the shape, the spy camera can be divided into several types such as  button camera, watch camera, charger camera, pen camera, light camera, key ring camera, photo frame camera, power bank camera, cable camera, glasses camera, button camera, hook camera. Hidden cameras should be selected according to need and location. These types of cameras are very small in size so sometime these are called mini camera.

Usage of spy camera

1. Spy cameras are used to secretly take pictures of a place.

2. Hidden cameras are used to catch big criminals or thieves.

3. Many journalists use secret cameras to cover their activities.

4. Spy cameras are used to collect all kinds of important information.

5. Spy cameras can capture video of any place and keep a constant eye on it.

What is the pricing of the spy camera?

The minimum Spy camera price in Bangladesh is 650 Taka and can be up to 4000 Taka which depends on the spy camera shape, video quality, recording time and battery backup. Whatever your budget, when buying a spy camera make sure its video quality is good and has good battery backup.

Some features of spy camera

When buying a spy camera, keep in mind how powerful the battery is and what the quality of the camera is. It is better to be able to capture sound with video. Also you have to see how much space there is inside to hold the video. And whether additional memory cards can be added is also important.