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Mobile Buying in Bangladesh

In our daily life in Bangladesh, we use mobile phones for social media activities, talking on the phone, watching videos, especially smartphones. So before buying, consider the brand, model, design, budget, etc. So know some tips to buy good quality mobile in Bangladesh.

What is the price of mobile in Bangladesh?

Mobile price in Bangladesh starts at Taka 3,000 which can make great calls and few smartphone facilities are available. Some of them may have buttons on mobiles. A good quality smartphone in BD will cost at least Taka 10,000 with full HD touchscreen and smart operating system. If you are on a low budget and want to get a good smartphone, a tip is to buy an older model flagship mobile to get better quality hardware for less money.

Is Android mobile available for 3000 Tk?

Yes, Android mobiles under 3000 Tk is available in Bangladesh, which is an entry-level smartphone with essential features like small display, low-resolution camera, and limited storage. However, some quality button mobile is available in Bangladesh within the budget of Tk 3000, so the benefits of Android mobile is available. You can also buy new and old Android mobile at affordable price according to your choice and budget from the popular online market place

How is a low-cost Android mobile?

There are several brands of Android mobiles available in the Bangladesh market at a low price, but most of them are made in China. Moreover, some companies in Bangladesh is also manufacture Android mobiles by adding parts that is available at an affordable price in the country's market. In Bangladesh, some popular brands of Android mobiles including Symphony, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are available between Tk 5,000-8000. Also, non-branded mobiles from China are available under Tk 5,000.

What is the lowest price of the latest mobile in Bangladesh?

Latest mobile price in Bangladesh vary depending on the brand and series of the mobile. Currently, the price of the latest mobile in the Bangladeshi market starts from Tk 10,490, which is usually available with an Android system, IPS touchscreen technology, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, etc.

What is the price difference between new and old mobile phones?

The price of old mobiles in Bangladesh is 40% less than that of new mobiles. Generally, new mobile phone is more expensive than used or old-model mobile. Also, there are many good quality new mobile available in Bangladesh at the price range of Tk 15,000-25,000.

Fixed mobile battery can be changed?

Yes, the fixed battery of the mobile can definitely be changed. There is a kind of fear among the common people, that the fixed battery of the mobile cannot be replaced. However, after a certain period of time, if the battery life is reduced or damaged, China batteries can be replaced at a low price in Bangladesh. Moreover, the fixed batteries of mobile is quite durable nowadays, and can easily be used for 3-4 years.

What is the flagship series?

Flagship series is the popular model mobile of each brand, which competes with other models of phones in the market. Almost all brands of flagship mobile is available today, which usually cost more than other models of smartphones. Flagship series mobile in Bangladesh is priced between Tk 25,000-100,000.

What to consider before buying a mobile phone?

There are many things to know before buying a mobile phone. Because if these things are not known, it will not be possible to buy the right mobile phone. Below is a detailed discussion about what you need to know before buying a mobile phone:

1. Pattern of usage: Before buying a mobile phone you should know about the pattern of usage. Whether buying a button phone or a touchscreen phone, first consider where and how it will be used. Button mobiles will suffice if you want to use them only for talking purposes. Button phones are great as a 2nd phone. Many elderly people in Bangladesh prefer button phones for their low cost and ease of use. But if you want to do other things like internet browsing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and various social media then touchscreen phone is best because it is powered by powerful operating system like Android, iOS, Tizen. Although many button phones are available in Bangladesh today which have these facilities but touchscreen phones have special advantages in terms of usage. So first you have to consider what the mobile phone will be used for.

2. Speaker: Before buying a mobile, you must check the quality of the speaker. Because if the speaker is not good then speech or any audio cannot be heard clearly. Especially in city of Bangladesh, the noise level is high so louder speaker works better.

3. Battery: Be it a button mobile or a smartphone, the most important thing in any mobile is the battery. All the performance of the mobile depends on how the battery backup of a mobile is. Smartphones have a lot of battery backup, but the current button mobiles are not behind in any part. 5200 milliampere button mobiles and smartphones are available in Bangladesh market. So whatever mobile is bought, you have to check the battery milliampere.

4. Charge Time: With the advancement of smartphones, its use has also increased so it has become a part of everyday life. So frequent charging is required. It takes 2/3 hours to charge but many modern mobiles use fast charging technology. As a result, it can fully charge in a very short time. And as it saves time, it also has many benefits. So before buying a mobile it is better to see if it supports fast charge. But this feature is usually available in slightly better priced mobiles.

5. Network: Bangladesh currently has 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Try to buy the maximum according to your budget. And keep in mind that the version above will support the lower version, which means you can run 4G and 3G if you accept 5G.

6. Dual SIM: Most of the new mobile phones available in Bangladesh are dual SIM. However, some sets may have one SIM. Used mobiles which are usually imported and sold from abroad are single SIM.

7. Display Size: If you use the internet a lot, you should take a big screen mobile such as a minimum of 5-6 inches. The screen of iPhone and some older models of mobile phones are much smaller. However, they are quite affordable. The price of smartphone varies depending on the display size. Generally in Bangladesh, the price of mobile with 6-inch or more size display is more than 10,000 Tk.

8. Resolution: Most of the current mobiles are HD screens. However, Full HD will give you better quality.

9. Protection: If you have gorilla or other protected glass, you don't need a screen protector anymore.

10. Screen Density: This issue is not important to many but it can be used to determine the value of the screen. Try to get a minimum of 270 ppi. And at 400 ppi you can see very good quality pictures.

11. RAM: 2 GB is enough to run normal applications. However, 3 GB is better. And if you want to play modern games on mobile, you need to have 4 GB.

12. Storage: At least 16 GB will work. And see if there are additional slots. If not, it is better to take more than 16 GB. Older models usually have less storage but have card slots.

13. Processor: Dual cores may be a little slow but will work if the budget is low. And quad core CPU will work well. The new model mobile has Octacore CPU. Basically, for gaming, you should buy a mobile with a good processor. And, mobile with powerful gaming processor cost more than Tk 20,000 in Bangladesh.

14. Camera: Buy by looking at the lens quality of the camera, not by looking at the megapixels. Take pictures at night or in low light so you can learn about the low-light performance of the camera.

15. Sensors: If you have a digital compass, gyroscope, SPO2 or pulse oximeter, activity tracker, you will get a lot of benefits.

16. Flash light: Flashlight is very important thing. You should buy a mobile phone with a good flashlight because the light of the flashlight can be easily found in a dark place. A flashlight comes in handy when traveling or when there is a power outage.

What precautions for using mobile?

  • Buy good quality mobile otherwise may harm the radiation. Check the SAR should not be more than 1.6.
  • Good quality screen is required otherwise it may damage your eyes for excessive usage.
  • Do not talk over mobile network while charging.
  • Do not charge the mobile near your head while sleeping.
  • Replace the battery immediately if it is swollen otherwise it may burst anytime.
  • After usage of mobile it may get hot so let is cool and then charge it.
  • Cheap protection glass may not required if your mobile has protected screen. If you set it up then remember that you may not able to enjoy the quality screen.
  • Do not give your smartphone to children for a long time because it will harm their health. Specailly in Bangladesh, it is a big problem for parents.
  • If you buy the used smartphone in Bangladesh then better buy it with original packet or collect the receipt with the IMEI number. 

Best Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Mobile Model Price
Vivo Y11 Mobile ৳ 7,000
Vivo S1 Pro ৳ 10,190
Jio J15 Pro Max ৳ 1,999
Bengal BG03 BD Dual Display Folding Handset ৳ 2,599
Bengal BG211 4 SIM Button Phone ৳ 1,799
Bontel S5 Folding Phone Dual Sim ৳ 1,499
Maximum MB40 Pro Max ৳ 1,895
Dizo Star 400 ৳ 2,599
Kgtel K1 Slim Folding Phone ৳ 2,250
MARS MS 104 Dual Sim Button Phone ৳ 1,599