Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh

৳ 14,650
2 days ago
৳ 11,299
2 days ago
৳ 5,200
8 hours ago
৳ 5,190
8 hours ago
৳ 4,680
15 hours ago
৳ 21,800
2 days ago
৳ 35,799
11 days ago
৳ 5,400
15 hours ago
৳ 5,099
15 hours ago
৳ 6,595
15 hours ago
৳ 26,000
2 days ago
৳ 38,500
2 days ago
৳ 6,780
15 hours ago
৳ 21,899
2 days ago

Top Mobile Phone Price List in Bangladesh

Best Mobile Phone List in August, 2021 Latest Price
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 4GB RAM ৳ 19,990
iPhone 6s ৳ 14,650
Symphony Atom 2 (Official) ৳ 7,750
Geo T19 Android Button Phone ৳ 2,850
Himax H707 ৳ 1,250
Vmax V12 Dual Sim Folding Phone ৳ 1,750
Bengal BG206 ৳ 1,260
Symphony i74 (Official) ৳ 6,300
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro (Official) ৳ 26,000
Symphony G10 (Official) ৳ 4,200

We do everything in our daily life like social media activity, talking on the phone, watching videos, playing games etc. using mobile phones specially smartphones. Before buying a smartphone, you have to choose a brand, model, design, budget, etc. and at this point various questions are created in mind. So to end this question, here are some tips to buy a good quality mobile phone.


The display attracts the most attention in a good quality mobile phone. If you want to buy, you have to look at the display in a good way, especially the display size. At present the display size is 5.5 to 6.5 inch. If you play games or use the Internet a lot then the highest screen size would be very convenient. Not all displays provide the same quality picture so another important aspect of the display is to choose the right resolution and density. Currently a full HD (1080p) and 400+ ppi density display is a very good display. Remember, the higher the density is the better quality picture you will get.

Let's talk a little bit about display technology, Amoled or Super Amoled is the modern display technology and the other is the IPS LCD display which is also very popular in the mobile phone.

Now you may need some protection as mobile is being carried everywhere so there is a chance it may fall down. Gorilla glass provides the most solid protection and nowadays Gorilla glass is a must. But the level of the protection depends on the generation of the Gorilla glass and currently Gorilla glass 6 provides the most ultimate protection. However, if the budget is low then you can select any suitable budget glass such as Gorilla Glass 3, Gorilla Glass 4, and Gorilla Glass 5.

Choose the Right Network

Once CDMA mobile was very popular in Bangladesh for it's digital signal and robust security but currently only GSM network is rocking the field.

Second generation network (2G) is the name of one step advanced technology of 1G network. The maximum speed is 144kb/s. One of the great features of 2G is that this network allows you to send SMS as well as voice calls and use the Internet. And 2.5G uses data packages instead of data circuits. Most of the older model mobiles support 2G network only.

One of the steps of 2G is the 3G (Third Generation Cellular System) network. The maximum speed of 3G network is up to 200kb/s to 1mb/s. The biggest feature is that it allows video conferencing on mobile which is more powerful than 2G speed.

4G (Fourth Generation Cellular System) is a better technology than 3G network. It is the latest technology network in Bangladesh. The speed of 4G network in Bangladesh is 100mb/s to 1Gb/s. This network is more powerful than other networks. The two parts of 4G Network are LTE and VOLTE which is called Voice over Long Term Evaluation Network.

Extremely powerful 5G is a wireless broadband network technology. The 5G network is 100 times more powerful than the 4G network. Its speed is so high that it can send data and receive feedback in almost a single time. The frequency of 5G is 600 MHz, 3.4 to 3.6 GHz, all frequencies after 4 GHz and 24.25 to 26.5 GHz. Soon this mobile network will be available in Bangladesh.

Number of SIM Card Slots

Despite having single slot SIM card mobiles, 2 SIM card slot mobile phones have become very popular at present in Bangladesh. Hybrid technology is being used in smartphones. In this technology 2 micro SIM cards can be used simultaneously. In some models, if you want to use 2 SIMs at the same time, you can't use an extra SD card. However, some mode comes with a dedicated card slot.


Good quality cameras play an important role in buying a smartphone. With the advancement of smartphones day by day, powerful cameras are being used. A few days ago, 1 camera was used in front and back, but with the change of time, now 3 to 4 cameras are being used in one phone. But one important thing is that we think the more megapixels the camera has, the better the picture will be. Our idea is completely wrong. Image quality depends on aperture, lens, sensor.

Aperture:  Aperture is the radius of opening of the lens which is usually controlled by the iris. The larger the diameter of the aperture, the more light will enter the image sensor.

Lens:  A lens is a transparent medium through which light is reflected and collects light. The better the lens, the greater its light collection capacity. As a result, bright pictures can be found. It is better to use a 16 mm to 50 mm lens.

Sensors: Sensors are a type of electro lighting device that detects direction, speed and acceleration. It can be 2D and 3D. Where, 3D works with more precision.

Nowadays, the most interesting is the slow-motion camera feature. 4K video can be made with the help of current smartphones. It is better to buy a mobile phone keeping those things in mind.


The most important thing when buying a mobile phone is the battery capacity. If you are a heavy user then you need to take a high capacity battery. The higher the mAh of the battery, the better the charge support. A smartphone with a minimum 3000 mAh battery should be taken and currently 4,000 to 5,000 mAh batteries are also available in mid-budget mobile. Keep in mind, there are 2 types of battery available Fixed and Removable. Older models of phone have removable battery which can be easily replaced. Newer models mostly have fixed battery for its high capacity and slim design.

Operating System

It is very important to know about the operating system before buying. Because the functionality of the entire phone's software depends on the operating system. 3 of the most used operating systems in the world are Android, Windows and iOS. The most available and popular operating system is Android. And if the budget is high, you can buy a smartphone with iOS operating system Apple.


The lifeblood of a smartphone is the processor or chipset. The speed depends on the processor or chipset. It processes the data of the smartphone. The more powerful the processor of the mobile phone, the faster it will be able to work. However, the performance of the processor depends on the clock speed, the number of cores and a few other things. There are currently 4 types of processors available: dual core, quad core, hexa core and octa core. A good chipset for a smartphone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 85, Samsung's Exynos 9810, MediaTek Helio P60, X30. When buying a mobile, keep in mind that the speed of your processor should not be less than 2 GHz. Then the speed will be better.


RAM is the temporary memory of the smartphone. It plays an important role. RAM runs the processor, which helps the processor to work faster. Current smartphones have up to 8 GB of RAM. Smart phones must have a minimum of 3 GB of RAM to work smoothly.

ROM or Storage

The temporary memory is the ROM so that it contains the operating system and various apps and the rest can hold various types of apps, videos, pictures or files as required. It is better to use 70% internal storage and leave 20% storage empty. Mobile phones with 265 GB storage are available in the current market. You should buy a mobile phone with a minimum of 32 GB storage. Also, if you install games or heavy apps then an external memory option is important for you.


The most important thing while buying a mobile phone is to buy with the better design. There are different types of mobile phones in the market now, so before buying, you have to decide which design you will buy. Not everyone likes it, so choose the mobile phone of your choice according to your personal needs and tastes. However, light and slim designs are very expensive.

Extra Things You Might Want

FM radio is popular in mobiles but not all types of mobiles support FM radio. There are some mobiles that support FM radio frequency in addition to headphones. So before buying, check it well as per the requirement.

Expensive smartphones use IP 67 and 68 ratings so that they do not get damaged by getting wet in water. As a result, these expensive phones are waterproof. These Android phones are not likely to be damaged if they are submerged into water. As Bangladesh is a rain prone country, this type of mobile can be used safely. The most interesting thing is that you can take pictures or videos in the swimming pool or while it's raining.

HDR display is made of more advanced technology than ordinary displays such as IPS LCD, and Super AMOLED display. This display displays 4K video very well. Bright video can be seen as the light spreads evenly all over the display.

Sensors are a remarkable device for changing technology. Sensors have contributed the most to make ordinary mobile phones smarter. Sensors used in mobile phones are compass, fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, magnetometer, face scanner, light sensor, color temperature sensor, barometer, thermometer, heart rate and oxy.


Before buying, you need to decide what your budget is. Because what kind of smart mobile to buy will depend on the budget. You can do all kinds of work with a mid-level phone. If the budget is low, you can buy an old model instead of a new model. Although the model is old but the technology is advanced and the price is very cheap.