Mini Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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The use of mini mobile phones as second phones has increased in Bangladesh. Mini mobile phones are so small that they can easily fit in any small pocket or purse. Mini mobile phones come with some special features that make it popular among the people of Bangladesh. The special features of mini mobile phones are discussed in detail:

FM Radio: Mini mobile phone can play FM radio without headphone connection so you can listen to national news or sports news anytime using FM radio. This phone does not require any special antenna or wire to capture FM radio frequencies.

Bluetooth: Mini mobile phone can be connected with smart phone through Bluetooth. The mini phone's sound system can be controlled from the smart phone via Bluetooth connection and the audio from the smart phone can be heard through the mini phone. Moreover, mini mobile phone calls can be received through the smart phone which is a special feature.

Size: All types of mini mobile phones are very small in size. Some mini mobile phones are between 1.5 inches and 2.0 inches. Mini mobile phones have become popular among Bangladeshi people mainly because of such small size.

Battery Backup: Mini mobile phone battery backup lasts up to a week in standby mode. And the battery can last up to a day when used.

Dual SIM: Most mini mobile phones support dual SIM. Mini mobile phones are ideal as a second phone for those who use multiple numbers.

Design: One of the reasons why mini mobile phones are popular is their design. Mini mobile phones are available in different sizes and shapes. Even available in the form of pens, mini makeup boxes, and children's toys.

What is the price of mini mobile phones in Bangladesh?

Mini mobile phones are available in Bangladesh between TK 1,000 to TK 4,000. Most mini mobile phones are priced based on design, size, battery backup, and technology. However, among the mini mobile phones, the feature phones are comparatively more expensive.

Best Mini Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for February, 2024

Mini Mobile Model Price in BD
Micronex MX57 Dual Sim Feature Phone ৳ 1,899
Hello Kitty K688 Mini Flip Phone ৳ 3,699
Bontel L2 Super Slim Mini Phone ৳ 2,350
Bengal BG01 Mini Phone ৳ 1,770
BM111 Mobile Pen Phone with Fan ৳ 2,499
Bontel 106 Button Phone ৳ 1,249
BM10 Mini Classic Phone ৳ 1,195