Blower Machine Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Currently, blower machines are easily available in Bangladesh. Small blower machines are generally used more in Bangladesh. Also powerful blower machines are used in various industries. Their effectiveness and price depends on their type and function.

How many types of blower machine?

Blower machines come in different sizes and types such as:

Hand Blower Machine: The small blower machine used in Bangladesh are known as Hand Blower Machines because they are easily used by hand and can be easily moved to different places. Hand blower machines easily blow away dust and dirt from carpets, furniture, floors, etc. with strong air. However, some blower machines have the benefit of a vacuum cleaner that draws in air to remove dirt and dust.

Industrial Blower Machine: Industrial blower machine usually have very strong blower power so that a lot of dust can be cleaned in a short time.

Which two things are very important when buying a blower machine?

  • Load Speed: It is determined by RPM which means how many times it can rotate per minute is called load speed. The higher the load speed the better.
  • Blowing rate: Determined by how much air can blow per minute. The higher the better.

However, with the above two things, you should look at the wattage and buy because the wattage is less, but if the load speed and blowing rate is high, it is very good because the more use, the less electricity will be consumed.

What is the price of blower machine in Bangladesh?

Blower machines in Bangladesh are generally available in prices ranging from Tk 800 to Tk 6,000 and they work well for homes, offices and shops. However, industrial blower machines should be purchased as per requirement. And the price of hand blower machine depends on its load speed, and blowing rate.