Mosquito Killer in Bangladesh 2024

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Mosquito is the name of an insect that is known to the world as the main cause of various diseases. There are different species of mosquitoes in Bangladesh which are constantly spreading various diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, filariasis. But there are different types of mosquito killing machines in Bangladesh to kill mosquitoes. At present, mosquito killing machines are widely used in Bangladesh.

How many types of mosquito killing machines are available in Bangladesh?

Different types of mosquito killing machines are available in Bangladesh. But they can be divided into two categories. These are:

  • Indoor mosquito killing machine
  • Outdoor mosquito repellent machine

What is the price of mosquito killing machine in Bangladesh?

The price of mosquito killing machine in Bangladesh starts from only 349 Tk. It is the best mosquito repellent machine for indoor use. This mosquito killer machine can protect an area of ​​100 square feet. It is capable of killing mosquitoes with the help of a suction fan and LED lights. Again, there are many mosquito killing machines in Bangladesh which can be used outdoors and the price starts from Tk 12,000 only. They are effective in killing mosquitoes by turning the chemical medicine into water vapor, i.e. smoke. With the help of this machine, mosquitoes will be killed with only 1 liter of chemical medicine covering up to 60000 square feet. There are also different types of mosquito repellent machines available in Bangladesh such as mosquito repellent bats which can kill mosquitoes with electric power. And their prices are based on the machine brand, technology, type of work, size and various features.

What do you need to know before buying a mosquito repellent machine?

Mosquito killer machines are available in different sizes and different technologies in Bangladesh. But whatever machine you buy, if you don't know about the machine, you can't buy a good quality mosquito repellent machine. So know the below mentioned topics:

1. Find out how much space your mosquito repellent machine can cover. Choose the right mosquito killer machine by knowing the shape of the place of use.

2. There are many mosquito killing machines in Bangladesh market that can kill mosquitoes as well as other harmful insects. It is better to buy such a mosquito killer machine.

3. If the mosquito killer machine has to be moved from one place to another repeatedly, then buy a machine that can be easily carried instead of buying a fixed machine. It will be convenient to carry.

4. A mosquito repellent machine that can be easily cleaned should be purchased. Because if not cleaned, many harmful bacteria and various viruses can be born from there.

5. Try to buy an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent machine. Avoid buying machines that harm the environment because these machines can save you from mosquitoes but there is a possibility of contracting other diseases due to the polluted environment.

6. Know the correct use of machines that kill mosquitoes using chemicals before buying them. Because if the correct use is not known, it will not be possible to kill mosquitoes.

Do mosquitoes really die through lights?

Some machines use blue, red and yellow lights to kill mosquitoes. These lights are mainly used to attract mosquitoes or other flying insects. Basically it can be said that these are a trap for killing mosquitoes. But these machines have not only light but also a kind of gas that kills mosquitoes that come near the machine. However, there are different types of lights available in the market which are sold as mosquito killing lights but there is no gas in them so it is better to refrain from buying these lights.

Do mosquitoes kill with a mosquito bat?

With this machine, mosquitoes are killed with the help of electric shock. It is very healthy and environmentally friendly as it does not emit any harmful gases or chemicals. It works very well to quickly kill mosquitoes in a small area. This mosquito bat is widely used in Bangladesh.