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Al-Quran is the last and greatest divine book. Quran contains all the rules for managing the life of this world properly, keeping the hereafter in mind. Quran contains solutions to all the problems of this time and hereafter. The Holy Quran has a total of 114 surahs which are divided into 30 chapters.

Why is it necessary to read Al-Quran?

If you want to know about Islam, you must read Quran. To be a true Muslim, one must read the Quran and follow the path shown by the Quran. Reading the Quran is one of the best deeds. And, reciting the Quran regularly keeps the mind calm and relieves all kinds of depression. However, it is necessary to read the Quran with meaning, only then can the real virtues be understood.

Types of Quran in Bangladesh.

The wording of the Al-Quran is the same all over the world including Bangladesh. Basically, three types of Quran are available in Bangladesh based on the translation and language type. Namely: 1. Arabic Quran only; 2. Quran with translation; 3. Quran with Tafsir. The mentioned three types of Quran are discussed in detail:

Only Arabic Quran: The Quran was revealed in Arabic language. Recitation of the Quran in Arabic is preferred worldwide, including in Bangladesh. In all Madrasahs in Bangladesh, the Quran written in Arabic is recited at the initial level. At present Arabic Quran of different quality pages are available in Bangladesh. White page print, news page print, Arabic page, and color-coded page are among them.

  • White Page Print: Quran which is contained on completely white pages is called Quran with white page print. Arabic Quran with white pages is more popular in Bangladesh.
  • News Page Print: Quran which is contained on the news page or gray color page is called the newsprint page Quran. The price of the Arabic Quran with newsprint pages in Bangladesh is relatively low.
  • Arabic Page: Quran which contains Arabic page is called Quran with Arabic pages. Arabic pages are mainly found in Middle East countries. This page is usually light yellow in color. Quran in Arabic page looks very beautiful.
  • Color-Coded Page: Color-coded Quran pages are decorated with different colors. Color-coded pages are very smooth and beautiful. Quran Majeed with color-coded pages is perfect for increasing children's interest in Quran.

Quran with Translation: Al-Quran with translation is available in Bengali and English mainly in Bangladesh. Again, Al-Quran with most translations is pronounced in Bengali or English. The translation must be read to understand Quran. The Qurans with translation are discussed in detail:

  • Arabic to Bengali Translation: These Qurans have Bengali translations only. And, along with the Bengali translation, a short synopsis is given. Again, Bengali pronunciation is provided for ease of reading the Quran with some Bengali translations. However, it is better not to read the Quran using Bengali pronunciation because it is not possible to read the Quran with proper Arabic pronunciation.
  • Arabic to English Translation: These Qurans have English translation only. Quran with English translation is suitable for those who have difficulty reading Bengali.
  • Arabic to Bengali and English Translation: Some Qurans have both Bengali and English translations. And, in addition to the translation, there is also a brief synopsis. The translation should be read in both languages for ease of understanding.

Quran with Tafsir: Al-Quran must be read with Tafsir for deep understanding. The Quran with Tafsir contains a complete description of each verse of the Al-Quran. And, in addition to narration, the context and detailed content of the hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) is mentioned. A detailed discussion about the type of Tafsir of the Quran currently popular in Bangladesh:

  • Topic-wise Tafsir: Topic-wise tafsirul Quran consists of a table of contents and is divided into separate readings for different topics. Subject wise tafsir is relatively easy to read and solutions to all problems can be found easily. These tafsirs are usually found in one volume.
  • Quran with General Tafsir: All tafsirs are generally according to the schedule of the Quran. And, each verse is given a single description and context. These tafsirs do not contain any subject-wise index. However, all hadiths and narrations related to each verse are mentioned. These tafsirs are divided into several volumes as they contain a large amount of information.
  • Short Tafsir: Short tafsir contains a brief discussion along with the translation of the Quran. Generally, large tafsir texts are published in abbreviated form. These tafsirs can be in one or more volumes.

However, Quran with translation and Quran with Tafsir is also available in white page print, news page print, Arabic page, and color-coded page. In that case, the price may vary due to different pages.

How much is the price of Quran per copy in Bangladesh?

A copy of the Quran in Bangladesh costs TK. 150 and TK. 1,500. The price is determined based on the page and print quality and size of the Quran. Again, Qurans with translations are available between TK. 250 and TK. 2,000. And, Qurans with tafsir all volumes together are available between TK. 4,000 to TK. 6,000. However, a separate volume of tafsirs is between 400 taka and 600 taka. The words of the Quran are an invaluable resource for the Muslim Ummah. Because the Quran was revealed for the guidance of people.

Best Al-Quran Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for February, 2024

Al-Quran Model Price in BD
Digital Quran Learning Reading Reciting Pen ৳ 8,500
Wooden Quran Sharif Rehel ৳ 1,050
The Holy Quran Sharif Box ৳ 950
Wooden Quran Sharif Box ৳ 1,000