Tablet Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Tablet Buying in Bangladesh

Tablet is currently a very popular device in Bangladesh. Tablet is managed by Android, iOS or Windows operating systems. Tablet is light in weight and small in size, making them easy to carry. Tablet provide many benefits like computers in various meetings, travel, and emergency conferences. Tablet also has high-resolution cameras that can take great photos and videos. Tablet with different features are available in the market of Bangladesh, knowing that one can buy good quality tablet according to budget and needs. And in Bangladesh, these are also known as tablet PC, tab and pad.

What are the popular Tablet Brands in Bangladesh?

There are several brands of tablets available in Bangladesh, among which Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft brand tablet has gained wide popularity. Moreover, some Chinese brand of a tablet is available in Bangladesh at comparatively low price, hence the demand among students is increasing at a great rate.

Which operating system tablet should choose?

If you prefer the Apple system, you can buy a conventional tablet PC that runs on iOS. These are made only by the popular manufacturer Apple. However, Android tablets are the most popular in Bangladesh because these Android tablets are manufactured by various companies and are available at low prices everywhere in the Bangladeshi market. Moreover, some Windows operating tablets are now available in Bangladesh. Anyone running Windows will find them easy to use, and those who use Office applications a lot will benefit. But remember that it is better to buy the latest technology tablets as these have advanced features and can run all modern apps easily.

What display size tablet should be bought?

A large-screen tablet PC would be great. Starting from 7-inch tablet to 11-inch tablet PC is available in the Bangladesh market. However, 10-inch tablets are quite popular in Bangladesh because these are cheap and convenient to use.

IPS or AMOLED which display tablet is better?

There are two types of displays available in Bangladesh, these are AMOLED and IPS. Both provide excellent resolution. Most of the tablet available in Bangladesh includes an IPS technology display. Moreover, some popular brands such as Samsung and Lenovo offer high-end tablets with AMOLED technology displays, which price usually starts at around BDT 60,000. However, for those who use progressive glass, a tablet with an AMOLED display is the best choice because there is less strain on the eyes when using a device with an AMOLED display.

Does Tablet PC support SIM?

Most tablets only support WiFi because these are quite cheap. However, there are tablets that support WiFi support as well as cellular networks to use the Internet.

What sensor does Tablet PC have?

Tablet PC usually have various sensors that make day-to-day tasks easier, such as GPS, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, etc. But check whether there is a light sensor because it automatically adjusts the brightness of the display depending on the variation of outside or indoor light, resulting in less damage to the eye.

Can stylus pen be used with Tablet PC?

The stylus pen can be used with all types of tablet PC. However, not all models of tablet PC come with a stylus pen. A number of tablet, especially those from Lenovo and Samsung brand, includes a digital stylus pen.

What is the best resolution Tablet to choose?

In terms of resolution, it is better to choose at least HD because nowadays any image or video is at least HD resolution. However, if the budget is high, a full HD or 4K tablet can be purchased.

What other factors should be considered before buying a tablet?

RAM and Processor: RAM and processor is an important aspect of tablet PC because more RAM will run apps faster. In terms of processors, we should look at the cores. The more cores, the faster the tablet PC will work. Today's apps require at least an octa-core processor to run well. But remember that even if the price is a little high, it is better to get a tablet with more RAM because you cannot increase it later.

Camera: Most tablet PCs have a built-in camera. These are of different resolutions. Many tablet PCs today feature selfie cameras and multiple cameras on the back. It is very easy to use the camera for online meetings, taking pictures, and making videos. The better the megapixels of the tablet PC camera, the better the photos or videos come out.

Battery Life: Tablets with very powerful battery backup capabilities can be seen in Bangladesh today. These tablets also come with a good quality fast charger for fast battery charging. These chargers fully charge the battery in a very short time. So it is necessary to see how many milliampere the battery of the preferred tablet PC is.

Storage: If the internal storage of the tablet is more, more data can be collected in it. The internal storage needs to have a sufficient amount of storage to download various necessary information, audio, video, images, and apps. So it is better to choose a tablet with more storage. Also if there is a facility to add an additional memory card then it is better.

Radio: Many tablets have radio facilities. But only an FM band can be played with them.

What is the price of Tablet in Bangladesh?

Tablet price in Bangladesh starts from under 7,000 BDT which can be used for various tasks and these have a 10-inch screen with Wi-Fi connection and sim usage facility. But the price of a good quality tablet PC depends on its screen quality, brand, and advanced hardware. And some tablets for children are available which are known as kids tablet and these are much cheaper in price.

Tablet price in Bangladesh under 5000 Taka

Some china models available in Bangladesh and the price around 5,000 Taka but their performance will be little slower. With in the same budget, kids tablets are available and enough for your kids to kick off.

Tablet price in Bangladesh under 10000 Taka

Some local popular brands are available with in this budget and one can buy Wi-Fi tablet as low as 10,000 Taka in Bangladesh.

Tablet price in Bangladesh under 20000 Taka

20,000 Taka is enough for quality brands and you can get a good tablet in Bangladesh in this price. These tablets have high resolution IPS display and longer battery life. But usually the 3G facility will be unavailable with in this price range.

Tablet price in Bangladesh under 40000 Taka

High quality tablets are available from 30,000 to 40,000 Taka in Bangladesh. Some of these tables have Amoled display instead of IPS which is good for those who wear spectacles. Moreover, 3G facility might be available in some of the models for easy connectivity. 

Best Tablet Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Tablet Model Price in BD
Walton 10H Pro Touch Tablet ৳ 21,500
Samsung Galaxy SM-P619 Tablet ৳ 41,000
Honor Pad 8 ৳ 23,500
OneLife T01 Android Tablet 10 inch Display ৳ 6,199
Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 ৳ 38,000
Lenovo M10 Plus ৳ 26,000
Magnetic Keyboard for Lenovo P11 Pro Tablet ৳ 12,000
Symphony SYMTAB 80 ৳ 9,499
Xiaomi Pad 6 ৳ 40,270
Honor Pad X9 ৳ 21,000