IP Phone Price in Bangladesh 2022

The full form of IP is Internet Protocol. In a word, the phone that can be used through the Internet is the IP phone. This phone can be used at the lowest cost.

What it takes for an IP phone?

1.  First of all you have to have internet connection.
2.  Registration form needs to be filled when buying IP phone.
3.  Photocopy of national identity card is required.
4.  2 copies of photo will be required.

What is SIP account?

SIP is the session initiation protocol that is controlled by the IP phone's Android Application Programming Interface (API). It allows SIP-based Internet telephony to be used in applications. An SIP account is required to avail the Android benefits of IP phones.

What is the advantages of IP phone?

1. IP phone provides communication facility at the lowest cost. Free calls can be made from one IP phone to another IP phone. Calls to mobile, land phones, etc. cost much less than normal phone calls.

2. Apart from talking on a normal phone, all the things can be done with an IP phone.

3. Having your own network system can be controlled as you wish. So the security of IP phone is more secure than any telephone system or mobile system.

4. Video calls can be made with the help of IP phone, but you have to have video IP phone on both sides.

5. Messages and voice messages can be sent from the server with the help of this IP phone. It is important to have a recording system as well.

How many conference call can be done at once?

The IP capacity of the IP phone is much higher than any other phone. This phone can hold conferences with up to 10,000 people at a time which is impossible to do with other phones.

How do I connect the IP phone to the Internet?

IP phones do not need a separate adapter to connect directly to the Internet. The Internet connection is provided by connecting the router's LAN port to the Internet cable to the IP phone's LAN port.