Keyboard Price in Bangladesh 2022

At present, various types of modern technology and design keyboards are available in the market at a lower price. Some of the most important types of keyboards currently available in the market are

1. Membrane Keyboard: It is basically a light keyboard that produces very little noise while typing which is basically a combination of plastic and bar. It is widely used in laptops.

2. Mechanical keyboard: Mechanical keyboard was available since 2014. You can hold it in one direction as opposed to the membrane keyboard and that is that when you press on its keys, it bounces in a very strong way so that you get a feeling in your hands and ears. Basically, mechanical keyboard is useful for writers, journalist, bloggers, or gamers.

3. Laser Keyboard: It is basically produces a keyboard after the laser beam comes from any device to any plane surface which basically works through light sensors. However, it is not only effective for amateur users but does not work well for regular or professional users.

Which keyboard connection is best?

Once PS/2 was most common in all devices but this has been replaced by the USB keyboard. Currently USB keyboard are most widely been used in desktop PC and other devices. Wireless keyboard brings some flexibility to the users as wired cable is not required.

Full size vs mini keyboard - which one is best?

A full-size keyboard usually refers to a keyboard that has an alphabet keys, letter keys, punctuation keys, number keys, and various function key; and there may be numbered pads on the right side of the keyboard. These keyboarda are convenient for quick working.

Mini keyboards can do equal works to standard keyboards but smaller in size and weight. Some function keys are not available and no right side numeric pads. Mini keyboards are easy to carry.