Used Laptop, 2nd Hand Laptop - Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Why buy an used laptop?

Save up to 70% of your budget by buying a good quality used laptop in Bangladesh, but you need to check it out and buy it in a good way. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a second hand laptop.

Laptop body:
When buying a refurbished or old laptop, you have to look at the body of the laptop in a good way to see if there are any cracks or scratches on the body. Looking at the body of the laptop gives a rough idea of ​​how long it has been in use.

Screen condition:
One of the main parts of a laptop is its screen. Before buying a 2nd hand laptop, you must check the screen of the laptop in a good way. Flickering, disco coloring, dot pixel, sacking are some of the common problems on laptop screens.

Flickering and sacking: If you see small cut spots or line vibrations in the screen after turning on the laptop, then it must be understood that there is a problem of flickering and sacking in the screen. Usually these problems are not understood, so you can open Notepad or Microsoft's white page and check.
Dis-coloring and dead pixels: Laptop screens can have small or large dots called dead pixels. These spots tend to get bigger at some point and destroy the display screen. These problems can be checked by opening the notepad just like before.

The biggest problem with used laptop is the keyboard. Which is not understood in a general way but it causes big problems when it comes to work. So before buying an used laptop, you should check every button on the laptop.

Laptop port:
If there is a problem with the laptop port, it cannot be seen or understood with the naked eye. So in case of old laptops, it is better to check whether all the ports of the laptop are working. Which will be an advantage to work on next time.

DVD drive:
A DVD drive is an important part of a laptop that inputs important data, including Windows and games. This should also be checked in case of used laptops.

Wi-Fi checking:
At present, Wi-Fi is the lifeblood of a laptop because the key to running the Internet on a laptop is Wi-Fi. Before buying a old laptop, turn on the Wi-Fi connection and see if there is a connection. If there is no WiFi, turn on the mobile hotspot and check with the WiFi connection.

Webcam and speakers:
Webcams are now widely used for teaching and meeting. So see if it works. If the speaker of the laptop is not good, its sound quality will not be good. In case of 2nd hand laptops, it is better to check by playing audio. Then you can know about the status of the speaker.

Battery condition:
Since laptops are comparatively light, batteries play an important role in making laptops portable everywhere. If the battery condition of the laptop is good, you will also get the benefit of using it. So when buying a second hand laptop, ask the seller about the condition of the battery and how long it takes to charge the battery.

What is the price of used laptop in Bangladesh?

Used laptop in Bangladesh start at Taka 7,000 where you can do basic Internet browsing and text editing. If you want a medium performance laptop where gaming or editing is not a concern, you can buy a used laptop in BD for Taka 15,000. With a budget of 20,000 or more for professional work, you can get a high-performance used laptop that can easily handle modern applications.