Air Purifier

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৳ 35,000
15 hours ago
Tipon TIFC01-A Plasmacluster + Atomization Air Purifier

Tipon TIFC01-A plasmacluster + atomization air purifier has fashionable and characteristic design, ionizer emits...

৳ 3,500
8 days ago
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser/ Air Humidifier/ Purifier

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser/ air humidifier/ purifier is perfect for bedroom / air-conditioning room / office / baby room...

৳ 18,500
1 month ago
Bluelounge HYB-95 23L Commercial Humidifier

Bluelounge HYB-95 commercial humidifier has 23.8L capacity, 110W power, 317 x 257 x 1120mm dimension.

৳ 20,500
1 month ago
White Westinghouse MDDG-30DEN1 Auto Defrost Dehumidifier

White Westinghouse MDDG-30DEN1 dehumidifier has volume 30 liter, auto defrosting, water full indicator, removable tank...

৳ 2,850
2 months ago
Digital Air Humidity Controller WH8040 with HM-40 Sensor

Digital air humidity controller WH8040 with function of humidification and dehumidification / hysteresis function...

৳ 4,800
2 months ago
Digital B-78 4L Rongshen Ultrasonic Humidifier

Digital B-78 4L rongshen ultrasonic humidifier has water tank level, LCD display with temperature / humidity and time...

৳ 58,500
2 months ago
Purematic JH-30 70m2 Hepa H13 Air Purifier

Purematic JH-30 air purifier has 70m2 apply area, pre filter, activated carbon + cold catalyst, 640m3/h purifying...

৳ 68,500
2 months ago
Purematic JH-170 100m2 Commercial Air Purifier

Purematic JH-170 commercial air purifier for big space has Hepa / H13, activated carbon, 900-980m3/h purifying...

৳ 14,500
2 months ago
Purematic JH-80 30m2 Air Purifier with Smell Sensor

Purematic JH-80 air purifier has smell sensor, 30m2 apply area, pre filter + Hepa / H10, photocatalyst, activated...

৳ 24,500
3 months ago
Kinspost RAM-201 Heavy Duty Industrial Standard Dehumidifier

Kinspost RAM-201 heavy duty industrial standard air dehumidifier has 20 liters capacity per day, full steel body, power...