WiFi Repeater Price in Bangladesh 2024

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WiFi Repeater Buying in Bangladesh

WiFi repeater is basically a device that receives wireless signals from routers or access points to extend the network and retransmit weak signals. Moreover, the WiFi repeater in BD is also called a range extender. Wi-Fi repeaters are very popular devices in Bangladesh nowadays as they are effective and very efficient in providing network coverage and strong signal.

How many types of Wifi repeater is available in Bangladesh?

Currently, Wi-Fi repeaters in BD are mainly of two types depending on the coverage range, frequency, and traffic control of the network.

Single-Band Wifi Repeater: Common standard repeater that works on 2.4 GHz frequency. Also, a single-band WiFi repeater receives a WiFi signal from the router or access point and retransmits it on the same frequency. These types of repeaters are usually affordable.

Dual-Band Wifi Repeater: Dual-band repeater basically has higher capacity and provides network coverage over a larger area. This type of repeater is capable of operating at both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. Also, one band receives Wi-Fi signals and the other transmits signals, resulting in fewer collisions between networks and seamless signal exchange.

Why buy a WiFi repeater?

WiFi Repeater in Bangladesh is a convenient and cost-effective device to improve the coverage and performance of wireless networks. Some of the benefits of using a WiFi repeater are:

Extended Wi-Fi Coverage: Wi-Fi repeaters can help extend the range of wireless networks, allowing Internet connectivity in out-of-range areas.

Improved Signal: A repeater helps to increase the signal strength of a wireless network. As a result, the reliability and speed of the internet connection increase to a great extent.

Easy Installation: Repeater devices are usually easy to install and set up. Moreover, setting up a WiFi repeater does not require additional cables or complicated configuration.

Cost-effective: WiFi repeaters generally do not require wiring or maintenance like other network-related problems. Therefore, the cost of using repeaters to extend network coverage to a large extent is much lower.

Parental Control System: Parental control system is a notable feature of the Wi-Fi repeater. Which essentially restricts access to certain websites as well as restricts internet access for the user's device.

Advanced Security: Wi-Fi repeater is equipped with advanced security systems. As a result, customers can add WPA2 encryption, guest networks, access control, firewalls, or VPNs as needed to help protect wireless networks from external threats.

What is the price of Wifi repeater in Bangladesh?

Wifi repeater price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,200 which can repeat network frequency signals up to 300 Mbps speed. Moreover, better quality WiFi repeater is available for repeating network frequency signals at speeds above 300 Mbps, which cost a bit more.