Car Search Mirror Price in Bangladesh

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Car Search Mirror Buying in Bangladesh

Car search mirror is an important equipment used for security purposes in the movement of vehicles in homes, public or private offices, or industrial establishments. It is also known as Inspection Mirror or Vehicle Search Mirror in Bangladesh. Moreover, vehicles entering or leaving sensitive areas such as airports, government buildings, and high-security areas can be properly monitored using car search mirror. Currently, car search mirror has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh as they play an effective role in addressing security challenges including smuggling, terrorism, and criminal activities.

Benefit of using Car Search Mirror

1. Under car search mirror helps detect potentially threatening bombs, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), or other dangerous items hidden under the car.

2. Moreover, such equipment helps observers and bystanders stay safe.

3. Car search mirror is generally light in weight and foldable so they can be easily folded after use and stored in a small space.

4. The use of vehicle search mirror in car monitoring can detect dangerous items in a short period.

5. Car search mirror is the perfect tool to maintain strong security protocols in high-security areas, concerts, and other events.

6. Some models of vehicle search mirror is equipped with flashlights, which provide more light during observation As a result, even in low light security personnel can discreetly detect dangerous objects hidden in vehicles.

What is the price of Car Search Mirror?

Car search mirror price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the model, type, mirror, material made, handle size, and other advanced features. Currently, vehicle search mirror price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 4,300, which is lightweight under car search mirror. Besides, vehicle search mirror with LED lights, and high-intensity shatterproof acrylic glass is available on a budget of Tk 8,000 to Tk 28,000. Besides, the price of under vehicle surveillance scanner made of stainless steel with linear scanning, and speed identification technology starts from Tk 2,500,000 in Bangladesh.

Things to look for when buying Car Search Mirror

Mirror Size: Larger size mirror basically provides a wider view of the vehicle underside at different angles. As a result, large areas can be easily covered at a time in vehicle monitoring. Therefore, the size of the mirror must be considered when buying a car search mirror.

Durability: Consider vehicle search mirror made of high-quality materials, which can withstand bad weather and rough handling. Currently, affordable shatterproof glass or acrylic glass car search mirror with sturdy handles are available in Bangladesh. Therefore, durability must be considered when buying a car search mirror.

Handle: When buying a car search mirror, check the length of the handle and whether it has a comfortable grip. Additionally, some vehicle search mirror can be customized in handle length. So in buying a car search mirror, you have to choose the handle according to your needs.

Light: Consider using the under-vehicle search mirror in low light with a built-in LED light or power source. As a result, the vehicle can be seen better during inspection.

Convex Mirror: Convex mirror essentially provides a wider range of viewing angles, thus allowing larger vehicles to be properly observed. Also, the curvature of the mirror must be considered, which will help to see from different angular positions.

By considering the above factors, reliable car search mirror can be found as per the need and preference.

Car Search Mirror Terms of Use

  • First of all, hold the handle of the vehicle search mirror firmly with both hands and extend the entire mirror.
  • Second- the angle should be adjusted for optimal area observation by placing the mirror in the adjusted position under the vehicle.
  • Thirdly, the under-vehicle car search mirror should be slowly removed from the bottom of the car and observed.
  • Fourthly- Check the underside of the vehicle for any suspicious items. Also, note the location of the specific area if anything suspicious is found. Later, appropriate measures should be taken by contacting the authorities.