SSD Price in Bangladesh (BD) June, 2024

The latest price of SSD is under 1,200 Taka in BD which is enough for most of the PC. In Bangladesh, up to 2TB SSD is available as the prices are now affordable so choose the SSD size based on the budget. If you have low budget then you can mix SSD + HDD while keeping the same performance where lowering the cost and many gamer and graphics designers use this technique. In a word, Buy SSD in BD for getting 10-15 times fast performance than spinning storage. Read more

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SSD Buying in Bangladesh

Solid State Drive, also known as SSD is a famous form of storage. It is used as an alternative of HDD. Fast, reliable and better performance these are the main features of SSD. Generally it is used for gaming and graphical need. SSD can be found in two form, internal desktop and portable. Price of SSD depends on capacity and cache. SSDs have no moving parts, making them much more durable. It uses NAND flash memory for storing files and uses a controller unit to store data properly which can process data at very fast speeds. In Bangladesh, the price of SSD has reduced drastically so the usage has been greatly increased.

There are basically 3 types of SSD:

1 / SATA Controller SSD: Windows loading time of this type of SSD is much faster than normal hard disk. It also does a lot of work at once, but it does not become slow. It has almost no failure rate. As the amount of storage increases, so does the speed. These can process up to 650 megabytes of data per second.

2 / SATA Controller M2 SSD: This type of SSD is most commonly used on laptops because they are compact in size. Also Windows loading time and failure rate and speed is almost equal to SATA control.

3 / NVME Controller M2 SSD: Windows loading time of this type of SSD is the fastest so its price is also a bit higher in comparison. These are also compact in size so they can be used more in laptops. This type of SSD is about 4 times faster than normal SSD. Now you can choose any type of SAD according to your budget and needs, but if you have a desktop PC then SATA Controller SSD will be best and if you have a laptop then SATA Controller M2 SSD will be better. For industrial use, NVME controller M2 SSD will be better.

What is the specialty of SSD?

1. SSD is faster than traditional hard disks, resulting in faster data read, write, and transfer speeds.

2. SSD has no moving parts, resulting in virtually no physical shock and vibration. Hence, SSD is ideal for use in laptops, desktops as well as portable drives.

3. Moreover, using an SSD with a laptop provides longer battery life, and using an SSD on a desktop uses much less power.

4. There is no spinning in SSD data access or transfer. So there is no sound or mechanical error when using SSD.

5. SSD is available in smaller form factor like M.2 and MSATA at affordable price in Bangladesh. As a result, this compact-size SSD can easily be used as a laptop, desktop, or portable drive.

6. SSD generally offers faster boot times. As a result, the operating system and heavy software installed on the SSD can be opened and used in less time.

7. By using SSD, latency is very low when accessing files, opening software, or loading games, resulting in faster access.

8. SSD is compatible with almost all computer system interfaces, including SATA, NVMe, and PCIe.

9. From laptop, desktop to high-performance workstations, server-friendly SSD are available in Bangladesh within a low budget. As a result, SSD can be procured according to demand and budget.

10. The SSD offers excellent response time and fast streaming facilities for engaging and smooth gaming.

11. SSD generates much less heat, so laptops and desktops can be used for long periods without risking other components.

12. SSD has a power loss protection mechanism, so sudden power outages don't damage data.

13. SSD provides improved performance through virtual RAM in terms of multi-tasking and overall system response in laptops or computers.

What is the price of SSD?

SSD price in Bangladesh starts at around 1200 Taka and the price mainly depends on the type of SSD, the amount of storage, and the quality which mainly denoted by the popularity of the Brand. By this price you can get up to 128 GB SSD which is suitable for PC. Portable SSD is little pricier as they have solid performance and has  protection. If you have low budget but need a portable SSD then you can buy an Internal SSD and an enclosure which will save some money. However, the big difference of the price is mainly on NVMe or SATA SSD because NVMe SSD has super fast performance and price is at least around 1800 Taka. The greater the storage amount the price will be increased.

Lowest price of 1 to 120 GB SSD is 980 Taka.

Lowest price of 121 to 128GB SSD is 1050 Taka.

Lowest price of 129 GB to 240 GB SSD is 1,450 to 1,700 Taka.

Lowest price of 241 GB to 250 GB SSD is 1799 to 2399 Taka.

Lowest price of 251 GB to 256 GB SSD is 1750 to 1890 Taka.

Lowest price of 256 GB to 480 GB SSD is 2999 to 3500 Taka.

Lowest price of 481 GB to 500GB SSD is 3900 to 4850 Taka.

Lowest price of 501 GB to 512 GB SSD is 2950 to 3220 Taka.

Lowest price of 513 GB to 1 TB SSD is 8790 to 10,000 Taka.

Lowest price of 1 TB to 2 TB SSD is 16,299 to 17,199 Taka in Bangladesh.

Moreover, Various brands including Samsung, Western Digital, Adata, Transcend, Ramsta, Twinms, Intel, CrossAir, and Toshiba with advanced technology, high-speed data transfer rates, and different capacity SSD is available at affordable price in BD. 

Price Difference of SSD and HDD?

500 GB                                                     4200 Tk                                  900 Tk                                 78.5% 
1 TB                          14000 Tk2300 Tk83.5%