Digital Banner Printing Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Digital banner printing machine is a type of printing device that uses digital technology to print high-quality and large-format banners. This type of banner printing machine in BD basically uses electronic files in a digital manner as opposed to traditional printing methods. This printer prints high-resolution banners or images using vibrant colors on a variety of materials such as vinyl, fabric, and PVC. Moreover, digital printing machine is easy to use, customization, cost-effective, high-quality prints, and environment-friendly.

What is the price of digital banner printing machine?

Digital printing machine price in Bangladesh vary that depends on the brand, model, size, and features of the printing machine. Digital banner printing machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 1,35,000 which is usually single function, 2400 x 1200 pixels dpi resolution can be used for CAD, GIS, and poster making. Also, digital printing machines with VSSD technology, intelligent eclosion function, multicolor ink, and almost all kinds of banner printing machine is quite expensive.

What to look for before buying a digital banner printing machine?

Before purchasing a digital banner printing machine, one should consider factors such as media compatibility, print speed, durability, and budget compatibility in addition to checking the quality. To choose the right digital printing machine, the following points must be considered:

1. Print Quality: One of the most important things to consider before buying a banner printing machine is to check the printing quality. Choose a digital banner printing machine that can produce high-resolution banners, posters, and photo prints with vibrant colors and details. Also consider the required print resolution, color gamut, and ink type for poster and banner printing.

2. Media Compatibility: The type of printing media should be considered when buying a digital printing machine. Also check if the digital banner printing machine can handle different materials including vinyl, fabric and PVC to produce different types of banners.

3. Machine Size: The width of the digital printing machine should be checked to print the desired size banner. Even considering the setup space the size of the machine should be considered to fit well in the workplace.

4. Printing Speed: Digital printing machines with faster printing speed should be considered for printing in larger quantities. But a digital banner printing machine with fast printing speed in BD will cost a bit more.

5. Maintenance: While buying a banner printing machine one should consider a machine that is easy to maintain as well as offers good technical support. Even the availability and cost of digital printing machine parts in Bangladesh should be considered.

6. Budget Compatibility: Before buying digital banner printing machine one should check whether the price of PVS banner printing machine will be compatible with the budget. Moreover, not only the price of the banner printing machine should be considered, but also the cost of ink, media, and maintenance after purchase.

Overall, the above points in buying a digital banner printing machine will help the user to choose the right banner printing machine.

What can be printed with a digital printing machine?

Digital banner printing machines play an effective role in printing a wide range of banners, posters, and images. Which makes it ideal for creating different-sized and customized banners for different marketing materials.

  • Digital banner printing machines can generally produce flexible and durable printing on vinyl for creating banners, signage and vehicle graphics.
  • Fabrics such as polyester and nylon such as flags, banners and other textile products can be easily printed with digital banner printing machines.
  • Outdoor PVC banners which are net-like and will not get damaged by wind, these types of banners can be made with digital printing machine.
  • Digital banner printing machines can produce high-quality prints on a variety of paper types, including glossy posters, flyers, and matte and cardstock papers.
  • Banner printing machines are helpful in making banners of different sizes on different film materials including window film and backlit film.
  • Even fine art prints, gallery wraps and banners for other types of decorations can be created with digital printing machines.

What type of ink is used in banner printing machine?

Banner printing machines use different types of ink depending on the application and printing material. So it is essential to choose the right type of ink considering the material used in printing while buying banner printing ink. Banner printing machines in Bangladesh generally use UV curable, dye sublimation, latex, potable inks as well as solvent inks. So it is very important to choose the banner printing ink considering the materials to be used. Besides, different types of quality inks are available for banner printing machines in Bangladesh easily and at affordable prices.