Rice Harvester Machine Price in Bangladesh

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Rice Harvester Buying in Bangladesh

Bangladesh being a major agricultural country, rice is the main crop. Hence, rice harvesting traditionally involves manual labor, which is time-consuming and expensive. A wide range of rice harvester machine is available at low cost in Bangladesh market to harvest rice in short time. The use of this type of machine saves both labor and time as well as less crop damage during harvesting. Currently, a wide range of harvester machine incorporating advanced technology is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh, which has gained immense popularity among farmers.

Type of Rice Harvester Machine

Various type of harvester machine is available in the Bangladesh market, including hand-operated and tractor-mounted rice harvester, depending on the farmer's needs and preferences. Notable rice harvester machine

2-Stroke Rice Harvester Machine: This type of rice harvesting machine is mainly made with 2-stroke engine and is small in size. Moreover, this type of machine is used for small scale paddy field harvesting. It is light in weight and easy to operate. The cutting length of this type of paddy cutting machine is narrow. As a result, the physical labor involved in harvesting paddy with 2-stroke harvester machine is reduced and the paddy can be harvested as required in less time.

4-Stroke Rice Harvester Machine: 4-stroke rice harvester machine is generally designed with a powerful 4-stroke engine. It is suitable for harvesting medium to large sized paddy fields. Also the 2-stroke variant has a higher capacity and longer cutting length than the harvester machine. As a result, large areas of paddy fields can be harvested faster and cost considerably less.

Combined Rice Harvester Machine: Combined rice harvester machine is a highly advanced and versatile harvester machine. Large scale paddy field crops can be harvested easily with this type of machine. Moreover, the combined harvester machine is equipped with multiple functions including harvesting, threshing, separating the grain from the chaff and collecting the harvested rice into containers. This machine provides quite effective performance in a very efficient manner.

Rice Harvester Machine price

Rice harvester machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 14,000, which is equipped with 2-stroke engine and is quite fuel efficient. Moreover, rice harvester price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the brand, model, engine capacity, fuel capacity, machine type and other factors. Rice harvester machine with 4-stroke engine is available between Tk 26,000 and Tk 40,000. Also, combined rice harvester machine price starts from Tk.70,000.

Things to look out for when buying Rice Harvester Machine

There are several important factors to consider while purchasing a rice harvester, which will ensure long-lasting use of the harvester machine.

Type of Machine: Various type of rice cutting machine is available in Bangladesh market including combine harvester, paddy rice cutting machine, mini rice cutting machine. Hence, one must check the type of machine to buy the right machine as per the requirement.

Efficiency of the Machine: The efficiency of the machine should be determined according to the size of the land and the amount of rice. Then, the effective performance of paddy harvesting will be obtained according to the size of the land.

Machine Price Check: Rice thresher machine price varies depending on brand, model and technology. So, to buy a rice harvester within the budget, the price of the machine must be checked.

Type of work: Rice harvester machine can be used for various types of work including cutting rice, harvesting rice, harvesting rice. Therefore, before buying a rice harvester, the type of work must be determined.

Capacity of the Machine: The capacity of the machine should be checked by determining the size of the land and the amount of rice. Moreover, high capacity rice harvester should be considered for larger land size and more paddy harvesting.

Build quality of the Machine: While buying a rice harvester, one must check whether the machine is made of high quality materials, quality and has the ability to withstand the rigors of long-term use in the field.

Maintenance: While buying rice harvester machine, it should be checked whether the machine will be easy to use and maintain. Also, factors such as ergonomic design, control system and proper instructions should be considered, which will be helpful for long-term use.

After Sales Service: Timely repair facility is very important to operate smoothly. So one should procure the rice harvester by checking the reliable manufacturer or dealer where technical support, availability of spare parts and maintenance service facilities are available.