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৳ 2,240
23 days ago
CE Certificate Professional Wire Tracker

Small and compact pen design, CE Certificate, design to judge continuity of cables or wires, network cable verify,...

৳ 16,500
6 days ago
Smart Sensor AR932 Film Coating Thickness Gauge

Smart sensor AR932 film coating thickness gauge has 0~1800 μm measuring range, ±1.8%um to ±2um thickness accuracy, ...

৳ 10,800
6 hours ago
Nivel Laser Surveying Cross Line Laser Level Meter MSR20

Nivel laser surveying cross line laser level meter MSR20 has robust over-molded housing, ARIMA red laser unit adoption,...

৳ 22,500
8 days ago
Kyoritsu 4105A-H LCD Screen Digital Earth Resistance Tester

Kyoritsu 4105A-H digital earth resistance tester has LCD screen, metric measurement system, 20 / 200 / 2000Ω earth...

৳ 7,500
6 days ago
Infrared Thermometer AS862A Auto Power Off -50℃~900℃

Infrared thermometer AS862A has -50℃~900℃ temperature range, accuracy ±2%or±2℃, distance spot ratio 12:1,...

৳ 10,500
6 hours ago
Umeasure MSR20 Laser Cross Line Level Meter Machine

Umeasure MSR20 laser cross line level meter machine has 2 class laser, 635 nm ±5 nm laser wave length, ±3mm / 15m...

৳ 30,000
10 days ago
Hanna HI-96735 Total Hardness EPA Portable Photometer

Hanna HI-96735 hardness photometer has high range measures from 400 to 750 mg/L CaCO3, built-in timer, portable design,...

৳ 25,500
6 days ago
Smart Sensor AS924 Gold Treasure Digger Metal Detector

Smart Sensor AS924 metal detector can detect underground gold / silver and ideal for treasure hunter. This treasure...

৳ 6,500
23 days ago
Anti Spy RF K18 Wireless Bug Detector

Detect radio wave / magnetic field / hidden wired or wireless camera equipment, detect 2G / 3G / 4G mobile phone SIM...

৳ 222,000
6 hours ago
Mini Spectrometer with Japanese Lens for Textile

Mini spectrometer with Japanese lens for textile. CIE LAB , XYZ, Yxy, LCh, CIE, D65, D50, A, D55 etc lamps.