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3-in-1 Slurry Sand Content Tester Kit Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 16,500

৳ 16,000

Full Specification

ID 79433
Lowest Price ৳ 16,000
Item Other Meters
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Updated 20 days ago
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh

Extra Features

  • Mud viscometer
    • Water value 15 ± 0.5S
    • Tube outlet hole 5mm diameter, 100mm length 
    • Mezzanine measuring cup 500ml at one end and 200ml at the other
  • Mud hydrometer
    • The unit is g/mm3
    • 15 ± 0.5s water value
    •  140cm3 mud cup capacity
    • 0.96~3g/cm3 measurement range
    • 0.01g/cm3 accuracy measurement 
    • 500(L) x 100(W) x 100(H)mm instrument size
  • Sludge sediment measuring device
    • 200mesh filter screen
    • Sand content scale 0~15 percent per cell 0.5 percent, 15~ 30 percent per cell 1 percent
  • Package includes
  • 1 x sand content tester
  • 1 x grout gravimeter
  • 1 x grout viscometer


The 3-in-1 test kit is a sand content test, grout gravimeter and the slurry viscometer can be operated. Ideal for measuring mud sand content in any well or laboratory you use this device. It is determined by the volume of the slurry after filtration through the screen and is expressed in terms of percentage. The time needed for the 500mm3 slurry to flow out of the viscometer is used to calculate it in seconds.

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