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৳ 450
2 hours ago
Motion Sensor Lamp Holder 4-5 Meters Range E27 Plug

Motion sensor lamp holder has 4-5 meters sensor range, suitable for E27 type plug, voltage AC 180V-240V, compatible for...

৳ 375
1 day ago
Ensysco E-27 Auto Motion Sensor Infrared Light Holder

Ensysco E-27 light holder has adjustable illumination, mature IC, infrared light holder technology, work voltage...

৳ 1,300
2 days ago
Remax LS-8903 Milk Series USB LED Desk Light

Remax LS-8903 milk series desk LED light has touch sensor switch for controlling 3 level of brightness, rechargeable...

৳ 700
2 hours ago
Sound and Light Controlled Hole Size Energy Saving Switch

Sound and light controlled hole size energy saving switch has energy conservation and environmental protection, low...

৳ 550
2 hours ago
Wireless LED Infrared PIR Auto Sensor Motion Detect Light

Wireless LED infrared PIR auto sensor motion detect light has 6-LED light, DC 3-6 volt working voltage, 20 sec delay...

৳ 9,000
10 days ago
Laser Light 5mW Pen Beam AC Net V-3105

Laser light pen beam AC net V-3105 has ideal glorious 5mW red laser pointer, 650nm power laser.

৳ 299
7 days ago
Avatar Flower Mushroom LED Colorful Night Light

Avatar flower mushroom LED night light has different color lights, directly socket plugging and playing, light sensor,...

৳ 650
6 days ago
Motion Sensor Three Wire Human Body Adjustable Switch

Motion sensor 3 wire human body adjustable switch has delay time adjustable, sensitivity adjustable, strong...

৳ 499
7 days ago
LED Retro Blow On / Off Night Lamp

LED retro-blow on-off night lamp has dimmer knob, rechargeable battery, USB charging.

৳ 420
2 hours ago
Sound and Light Controlled Energy Saving Lamp Holder

Sound and light controlled energy saving motion sensor lamp holder has energy conservation and environmental...