Server Rack Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Server is kept secure and organized using server rack. Nowadays, using server rack is essential for small and large IT companies those who use server. Nowadays, different sizes of Toten, Safenet, and various Chinese brands of server rack is available in Bangladesh at affordable price as per the requirement.

Where Server Rack is commonly used?

Server rack in Bangladesh is usually used in ISP, Big Organization, Data Center where security is very essential and to organize the peripherals in one place.

Why should use Server Rack?

1. Organizing Server: Server rack is used to organize the cables and other equipment of the server. By using server rack, thousands of cables connected to server can be kept organized. Moreover, the equipment used with the server can be set up in the server rack with free space, so no additional space is required.

2. Server Ventilation: Using a server rack keeps the server cool because it has enough ventilation system to let the hot air out of the server. Additionally, multiple cooling fan is included in the server rack as needed. As a result, the server will stay cool and the system will not crash due to overheating.

3. Server Security: Server rack should be used to reduce the risk of data theft or tampering with server. The external security measures of the server can be increased by using the server rack. However, the use of server racks with servers is recommended to keep confidential information safe.

4. Easy Maintenance: Using a server rack keeps cables and other equipment organized, making maintenance easier. Moreover, server maintenance has to be done with a lot of risk, but using a server rack reduces it a lot.

5. Compact Setup: By using a server rack it is possible to set up server in less space. Moreover, server rack is necessary for setting up multiple servers by creating a server room because a server has thousands of cables connected to it and multiple equipment.

Before buying a Server Rack

  • Server rack of appropriate size should be purchased to set up the server and other equipment together. Generally, 4U to 42U size server rack is available in Bangladesh.
  • Server rack should be selected based on how much heat the server generates and whether adequate ventilation is included. In particular, consider how many cooling fans are included in the server rack.
  • For the security of the server, the server rack should be selected considering whether the server rack has a reliable lock system. Most server racks include a manual cabinet lock system.
  • A server rack should be purchased depending on the material it is made of. However, most of the server rack available in Bangladesh today is made of steel or aluminum material.
  • However, using server rack with glass door provides additional benefits. Because, server rack with glass door can be observed without opening the door.
  • Before buying a server rack in Bangladesh one needs to consider whether the price is compatible with the quality.

What is mini Server Rack?

Mini server rack sometime refers as desktop server rack as this is designed as an alternative of full size rack and can be moved easily from one place to another place. The price of the mini server rack usually less and this type of server rack does not have any front door or lock.

What sizes of Server Rack do I need ?

A "Rack unit" is equivalent to 1.75-inch in height. To calcualte the space, you just need to multiply the total rack unit (U) with 1.75-inch. Rack server is avaialble in different sizes and available up to 42U. Server rack width usually 19" standard which is most popular but it may vary and depends on the rack model. Some common server rack sizes in Bangladesh are 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U, 22U, 27U, 32U, 42U. Moreover, 42U server rack also called full-size rack.

What is the price of Server Rack in Bangladesh?

Server rack price in Bangladesh starts from TK 5,000 which is usually made of steel material and is 4U in size. 6U server rack is available between TK 6,000 to TK 10,000 that depends on the brand and quality. And, better quality 9U server rack is available between TK 8,000 to TK 14,000 that depends on the design and brand. Also, various brand and design of server racks in 12U, 15U, 18U, 22U, 27U, 32U, and 42U sizes are available at BD as per requirement.