Server Cabinet

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৳ 9,000
5 days ago
Toten 9U Rack Mount Server Cabinet Glass Door WM.6409.7101

Toten WM.6409.7101 server cabinet has 600mm x 9U X 450mm size, wall mountable, front glass door, lockable and quick...

৳ 6,000
16 days ago
Toten OR.6622.9001 22U 2 Post Open Rack Server Cabinet

Toten OR.6622.9001 2 post 22U open rack server cabinet has 2 adjustable legs, 600 x 600 size, ETSI standard, modular...

৳ 35,499
2 days ago
Toten 32U Equipment 600 x 1000 x 1600 mm Server Rack Cabinet

Toten AS.6032.9101 32U equipment server rack cabinet has full vented top frame with front / rear / side cable entrance,...

৳ 45,000
16 days ago
Pushi PNB6142BK Glass Door 42U Server Rack Cabinet

Pushi PNB6142BK 42U server rack cabinet has glass door opening direction, vented cabinet back door for efficient...

৳ 42,500
1 day ago
Safecage 42U Server Network Cabinet 4 Fan 1 Shelve SCG-6142

Safecage SCG-6142 has 42U server network cabinet, 600 mm x 1000 mm, tempered glass network cabinet, 4 piece fan, 1...

৳ 40,000
2 days ago
Aone Tech IWS Professional 19 inch 42U Network Server Rack

Aone tech IWS professional server has 19 inch 42U rack mounting support, ideal solution for mounting networking and...

৳ 42,500
1 day ago
Toten 42U Network Rack Server Four Fan with Front Glass Door

Toten network rack server cabinet 42U has front glass door, handle lock with read strip, rear round vented door, 4...

৳ 11,000
10 days ago
Toten 9U Server Rack Cabinet Tempered Glass Front Door 2-Fan

Toten WM.6409.9001 9U server rack cabinet has 2 x 4-inch fan on vented top flush panel, size 600W x 450D, 2 x side door...

৳ 43,500
2 days ago
Toten 42U Glass Front Door with Lock Server 19" Rack Cabinet

Toten 42U server 19" rack cabinet has glass front door with lock, rear mesh door with lock, full vented top frame with...

৳ 26,000
16 days ago
Toten 22U Server Rack Cabinet Four Cooling Fan AS.6022.7101

Toten 22U server rack cabinet system AS.6022.7101 has 600mm x 1000mm size, front glass door, vented back door, 4...