Server Cabinet

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৳ 11,000
17 days ago
Toten 12U Server Rack Wall Mount 19" Standard WM.6412.7101

Toten 12U server rack WM.6409.7101 has 600mm x 12U X 600mm size, front glass door, lockable and quick release front...

৳ 25,000
3 days ago
Toten AS.6022.9101 Original Server Rack Cabinet 22U

Toten AS.6022.9101 original server rack cabinet 22U has full vented top frame with front / rear / side cable entrance,...

৳ 7,800
12 hours ago
Safecage 6U Network Server Cabinet Rack Wall Mount SCW-E6406

Safecage SCW-E6406 6U network cabinet has 600 mm x 450 mm, tempered glass, 1 piece 16 Amp 6-way UK type PDU, cage nuts...

৳ 25,500
12 hours ago
Safecage 22U Server Network Cabinet Tempered Glass SCG-6822

Safecage SCG-6822 has 22U server network cabinet, 600 mm x 800 mm, tempered glass network cabinet, 4 piece fan, 1 piece...

৳ 12,000
3 days ago
Toten WM.6412.9001 12U Enclosure 19" Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

Toten WM.6412.9001 12U enclosure 19" wall mount rack cabinet has 2 x 4" fan low noise on vented top flush panel, 2 x...

৳ 41,000
19 days ago
Toten 42U 600 x 600 mm 19" Standard Cabinet AS.6042.7101

Toten 42U server rack cabinet AS.6042.7101 has 600mm x 600mm size, front glass door, vented back door, 2 cooling fan, 1...

৳ 40,000
1 day ago
Aone Tech IWS Professional 19 inch 42U Network Server Rack

Aone tech IWS professional server has 19 inch 42U rack mounting support, ideal solution for mounting networking and...

৳ 39,000
17 days ago
Toten 32U 800 x 1000 Inch Floor Stand Server Cabinet

Toten G7.8032.9001 32U floor stand server has front glass door, 800 x 1000 inch depth, 19 inch standard installation,...

৳ 35,500
12 hours ago
Safecage 32U Server Network Cabinet Cage 1 Shelve SCG-6132

Safecage SCG-6132 has 32U server network cabinet, 600 mm x 1000 mm, tempered glass network cabinet, 4 piece fan, 1...

৳ 11,500
17 days ago
Toten DR.6642.9001 42U Adjustable 4 Leg Open Server Rack

Toten DR.6642.9001 42U double open server rack has 4 adjustable leg, 600 x 600 omply with ANSI/EIA...