Safe Locker

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৳ 65,000
21 days ago
Godrej FR-445 Fire Resistant Anti Theft Safe Security Locker

Godrej FR-445 security locker has safe fire resistant technology, burglar / theft protection with two locks, special...

৳ 999
2 days ago
Socket Safe Secret Money Storage

Socket safe secret money storage has plastic material, looks and feels like a standard plug socket, deceptive...

৳ 22,499
5 days ago
Zymak L520 Password System Digital Locker

Zymak L520 digital locker has password system locking, up to 8 digits password supported, reset password option, if in...

৳ 95,000
21 days ago
Godrej FR–1060 Fire Resistant Safe Security Locker

Godrej FR–1060 fire resistant safe security locker has burglar / theft protection with two locks, special tongue and...

৳ 8,499
5 days ago
Zymak L128 Password System Safe Vault Digital Locker

Zymak L128 safe vault digital locker has password protected advanced locking system, reset password option, in case you...

৳ 94,700
12 days ago
Godrej FR-1060 Fire Resistant High Safety Security Locker

Godrej FR–1060 fire resistant high safety security locker has burglar / theft protection with two locks, one lockable...

৳ 26,000
12 days ago
Godrej E Bio Mild Steel Electric Safe Locker

Godrej E Bio electric safe locker has mild steel material, fast and accurate verification for authentic access, offer...

৳ 4,499
1 month ago
Zymak L64 Password Security Steel Body Digital Safe Locker

Zymak L64 digital safe locker has digital password security system, strong steel body, 2 master keys, tamper proof /...

৳ 27,000
1 month ago
Godrej E Laptop EL Safe Electronic Locker

Godrej E laptop EL safe electronic safety locker has hi-tech home safety features that automatically freezes the keypad...

৳ 25,000
1 month ago
Betech Industry-Leading Solid Steel Electric Safety Locker

Betech guard electric safety locker has distinctive fashionable design, high-tech illuminated blue keypad combined,...