Locker Price in Bangladesh - Fingerprint & Password

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Currently, the demand for digital lockers in Bangladesh is relatively high. Digital lockers are being used to ensure the safety of important documents in offices, homes, schools, colleges. Digital lockers have become popular in Bangladesh for their special security features.

Why use digital locker?

In modern Bangladesh the use of digital lockers to protect personal valuables from modern criminals is seen everywhere. Currently, manual lockers are easily broken by criminals, resulting in people losing their valuables. Therefore, digital lockers can be used to keep valuables and money or gold ornaments safe. Some other special features are:

Security System: The security system of digital lockers uses smart keypad to open the locker by inputting a specific pin or password. Again, many digital lockers also use fingerprints to open. If wrong PIN or wrong finger print is entered multiple times then the digital lockers are locked permanently which has to be reset later. Also, there is a small key and keyhole for emergency use. Digital lockers are generally known as electric lockers as the lock system is controlled by an electric smart key pad.

Battery: Digital lockers have batteries so even if there is no electricity, the locker can be opened through key pad and fingerprint. Digital lockers will be permanently locked if the battery is fully charged. However, there is no need to worry as users can open the digital locker using the emergency key-hole.

Body Material: Digital lockers are made entirely of metal, making them more robust than other lockers. Digital lockers are completely fire proof and do not rust easily.

Size: Digital lockers come in all sizes, small and large, so a suitable locker is available for convenient location.

What is the price of digital locker in Bangladesh?

Digital lockers are available from as low as Tk 3,500 in Bangladesh but their prices are based on size and security system. And, digital lockers with fingerprint security system are available for a minimum of Tk 13,000.

Best Locker Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for November, 2023

Locker Model Price in BD
Password Security L64 Steel Body Digital Safe Locker ৳ 3,900
Password System L520 Digital Locker ৳ 18,000
Zymak EL-600F Fingerprint Security Safe Locker ৳ 44,000
Zymak EL-450F Digital Plus Fingerprint Locker ৳ 32,000