Locker Price in Bangladesh - Fingerprint & Password

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Locker Buying in Bangladesh

Currently, the demand for digital lockers in Bangladesh is relatively high. Digital lockers are being used to ensure the safety of important documents in offices, homes, schools, colleges. Digital lockers have become popular in Bangladesh for their special security features.

Why use Locker?

1. Safe locker has security system like smart key-pad, so the locker can be opened using a specific PIN or password.

2. Many digital locker is equipped with fingerprint sensors, that allows user to access them easily using specific fingers.

3. If wrong PIN or wrong finger print is entered multiple times then digital locker gets locked permanently which can be reset later.

4. Also, digital locker has small keys and keyholes for quick access during emergencies. As a result, digital locker can be quickly opened whenever needed.

5. Digital locker usually control the lock system through an electric smart key-pad. Hence, digital locker is also called electric locker in Bangladesh.

6. Using a digital locker keeps valuable documents and belongings safe from theft or unauthorized access.

Digital Locker price in Bangladesh

Locker price in Bangladesh starts at 3,500 taka and is usually made up of a strong steel body and a digital password security system. Moreover, digital locker price in Bangladesh varies mainly depending on the locker body, storage capacity, security, and other features. Password and emergency key-supported digital locker is available on a budget of Tk 18,000 to Tk 26,000 that is suitable for use in various institutions including homes, offices, and banks. Also, digital locker with customized security systems and large storage capacity starts at Tk 32,000.

Things to consider before buying Digital Locker

Body Material: Digital locker is generally made of steel and metal, which is stronger than other lockers. Also, some digital locker is fireproof and has protection against rust. Therefore, when buying a digital locker, one must check whether the body material and the locker have proper measures for body protection.

Security Feature: Check if the digital locker has advanced security features like biometric fingerprint scanning, password protection, emergency keys, and encryption to ensure the safety of your valuables.

Storage Size and Capacity: The size and capacity of the digital locker should be checked for storing documents, ornaments or other important items including money. Besides, it should be considered whether it will fit properly in the home or office. According to the size and capacity of the digital locker in Bangladesh market, the price is more or less.

Build Quality of the Locker: When buying a digital locker one must check whether it is made of high-quality materials and adequate security measures to provide security against tampering or break-in.

Locker Interface: When buying a digital locker, check whether the user interface is easy to operate.

Battery Backup: Ensure that the battery is connected as backup power to prevent the digital locker from locking out during power outages. If there is no electricity, check whether the digital locker can be opened through emergency key-hole, key-pad and fingerprint.

Best Locker Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Locker Model Price
Password Security L64 Steel Body Digital Safe Locker ৳ 3,900
Password System L520 Digital Locker ৳ 18,000
Zymak EL-600F Fingerprint Security Safe Locker ৳ 44,000
Zymak EL-450F Digital Plus Fingerprint Locker ৳ 32,000