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৳ 13,500
4 days ago
Hioki 3288 Digital Clamp On HiTester Meter AC / DC

Hioki 3288 Clamp On HiTester meter has 100A/ 1000A AC/ DC clamp meters with continuity check, resistance...

৳ 70,000
4 days ago
Fluke 289 Electronics Logging True RMS Handheld Multimeter

Fluke 289 electronics logging true RMS handheld multimeter has handheld multimeter TrendCapture, faster performance,...

৳ 59,800
3 days ago
Fluke 45 Digital Multimeter Dual Display Testing Tool

Fluke 45 digital multimeter testing tool has multifunction vacuum fluorescent dual display, true-RMS voltage, current...

৳ 2,900
20 hours ago
Sanwa CD800A LCD Display High Accuracy Digital Multimeter

SANWA CD800A digital multimeter has 0.7% best accuracy, 3-3 / 4 digits 4000 count, capacitance measurement, not...

৳ 38,000
4 days ago
Fluke 179 Electrical Repairment True RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke 179 true RMS digital multimeter has manual and automatic multimeter ranging, electrical repairment, display hold...

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4 days ago
Fluke 115 True RMS Field Service Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 True RMS field service electricians digital multimeter has simple operation, compact multimeter design, ease...

৳ 58,000
4 days ago
Hioki 3286-20 Clamp On Power HiTester AC / DC Meter

Hioki 3286-20 clamp on power HiTester handheld AC/ DC meter has single-phase and three-phase handheld power meter with...

৳ 22,500
4 days ago
Fluke 116 One Handed Digital HVAC Multimeter

Fluke 116 one handed digital HVAC multimeter has temperature and micromap measurements, multimeter troubleshoot...

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1 month ago
Digital Clamp on Meter AC HIOKI-3280

Hioki AC 3280 clamp on meter best-in-class measuring device has thin and compact clamp core.

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1 month ago
Digital Avo Meter Pocket Type HIOKI-3244

Brand: HIOKI Model: 3244 Made in Japan Terms & condition: Delivery: Within one day from the date of confirmed work...