Digital Multimeter Price in Bangladesh

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Digital multimeter is used to measure multiple electrical values such as current (amps), voltage (volts), and resistance (ohms). Specially used by technicians in the electrical/electronics industry as a diagnostic tool in BD. Moreover, a digital multimeter is widely used for troubleshooting electrical devices. Digital multimeter is very popular worldwide including in Bangladesh as these provide relatively accurate results. Currently, various type of digital multi-meter is available in BD at an affordable price as per the requirement.

How much does a digital multimeter cost?

Digital multimeter price in Bangladesh is more or less based on its features and quality. Currently, the digital multimeter in BD starts from TK 260 which is a small-sized volt meter and is capable of measuring AC voltages up to 720V and DC voltages up to 1000V. Moreover, auto-hold, relative value and the high-frequency digital multimeter are available in Bangladesh at a relatively high price.

What is the benefit of using a Digital Multimeter?

Using a digital multimeter has various benefits. The benefits are discussed in detail:

Accurate Result: Digital multimeter typically provides ±0.01 percent to ±0.05 percent accurate results. As a result, most electrical technicians prefer to use a digital multimeter as a diagnostic tool.

Auto Hold Option: Digital multimeter has an auto hold option which automatically holds and displays the static current measurement. As a result, the electrical voltage can be accurately measured.

Reduction of Reading & Interpolation Error: Digital multimeter is capable of providing consistently accurate results because these include reading and interpolation error reduction system.

LCD Display: Digital multimeter includes an LCD display, so current (amps), voltage (volts), and resistance (ohms) electrical values are displayed numerically.

Control Panel: The mode can be changed by the control panel in determining the specific electrical value. And, with a separate control panel, digital multimeters are easy to use and take no time to understand the results.

Small in Size: Digital multimeter is basically small in size so these can be carried anywhere in the pocket.

Also, the digital multimeter includes features like sampling rate 3 times/sec, AC frequency bandwidth, auto power off, low power ohms in continuity range, etc.

What to look for before buying a Digital Multimeter?

1. Before purchasing a digital multimeter, one must consider its minimum and maximum current (amps), voltage (volts), and resistance (ohms) measurement range.

2. Digital multimeter must be verified to be working properly before purchase. Also, consider how accurately the digital multimeter is showing the result.

3. A digital multimeter should be procured considering whether certain features are included as required.

4. The power capability of the digital multimeter circuit must be considered. Because it should be used based on the maximum voltage that the digital multimeter can withstand without risk.

5. The digital multimeter should be selected considering the built material or quality. Because the digital multimeter is made of high-quality material, it can be used for a long time.

How to use Digital Multimeter?

Digital multimeter is used to measure voltage, current testing, and resistance measurement. Therefore, the volt multimeter has to be used in a different way to measure certain units.

Usage rule for measuring AC or DC voltage

  • Step 1: Plug the black test lead into the COM terminal and the red test lead into the V terminal.
  • Step 2: The dial should be set at a certain angle to measure AC or DC voltage. When measuring AC voltage, the dial should be angled towards V~. On the other hand, to measure DC voltage, it must be angled towards V⎓.
  • Step 3: Set the maximum voltage range according to the device voltage to get accurate results.
  • Step 4: Touch the black probe to the negative side of the device or power source and the red probe to the positive side.
  • Step 5: Now you can see the correct voltage of the device or power source on the LCD display of the digital multimeter.

Usage rules for current testing

  • Step 1: Plug the red test lead into the A or MA terminal and the black test lead into the COM terminal.
  • Step 2: Disconnect one wire of the device or circuit to measure current.
  • Step 3: Touch the black test probe to one side and the red test probe to the other side of the isolated wire. As a result, you can see the amount of current flowing through the device on the display of the digital multimeter.

Usage rules for resistance measurement

  • Step 1: Plug the red test lead into the Ω or ohm terminal and the black test lead into the com terminal.
  • Step 2: Angle the dial on the multimeter resistance scale or the Ω mark or ohms.
  • Step 3: Set specific ohms as per ohm expectations to get accurate results. And if the ohm range is not known then set it to the highest ohm.
  • Step 4: Touch the red and black probes to both ends of the resistor. And simultaneously the digital multimeter will measure the resistance and show it on the display.

Are there special skills required for using a digital multimeter?

A digital multimeter can be used by anyone by following some guidelines for using a digital multimeter. No special skills are required for this. However, before using a digital multimeter, one must read the accompanying user guide carefully. And, especially in the case of using a digital multimeter, the precautions mentioned in the user guide must be followed.

Which is better multimeter Analog or Digital?

Digital multimeter has gained wide popularity in Bangladesh due to its ability to display accurate results, auto hold option, reduction of reading and interpolation errors, simple control panel, faster display of results, and small size. As a result, most electrical technicians these days prefer to use digital multimeters. However, an analog multimeter is available at a relatively affordable price and can be used effortlessly for long periods of time, so this meter has a separate fan base in BD. After all, a digital multimeter can keep pace with modern times and display results faster, while an analog multimeter can be used effortlessly for a long period of time.

How much does an analog multimeter cost?

Analog multimeter price in Bangladesh is determined based on its features and quality. Analog multimeter price in BD starts from TK 400 which is of good quality. However, an analog multimeter capable of measuring high voltage is relatively expensive.