Shoe Rack Price in Bangladesh

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Shoe Rack Buying in Bangladesh

Shoes are a useful element in foot safety in our daily life. A shoe rack is needed to store the shoes in a specific place. Usually, shoe racks are made of materials like wood, plastic, and iron as well as come in different sizes and designs. Moreover, apart from properly storing the shoes, the dirt of the shoes does not spread in the house, so the popularity of using shoe racks in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

How many type of Shoe Rack available in Bangladesh?

Nowadays, attractively designed shoe rack made of various material is available in Bangladesh.

Free Standing Shoe Rack: This type of rack basically looks like a stand. Which can be kept standing anywhere in the house or office to store shoes.

Door Back Shoe Rack: This type of shoe rack is basically hung on the back of the door by hook or strap. Shoes can be easily packed as well as stored in limited space.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack: It is difficult to keep shoes in a small space. The right solution in this case is a wall mounted shoe rack. Which is basically attached to the wall to store shoes.

Shoe Cabinet: This type of shoe rack is like a box and has doors attached. As a result, if the door is closed after storing the shoes, it is not visible to people.

Organizer Shoe Rack: This type of shoe rack has separate compartments, pockets or slots for each pair of shoes. It can be hung anywhere in the home or office to store shoes. Moreover, this type of shoe rack is available in BD in different layers.

Bench shoe rack: This type of shoe rack is mainly made of wood. The top is covered with cushions and the bottom has drawers for storing shoes. As a result, shoes can be easily stored in addition to sitting on the bench shoe rack. Which is an attractive and ideal shoe rack for limited space.

What is the price of the Shoe Rack?

The price of shoe racks in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, size, construction material, etc. Currently, shoe racks price in BD starts from TK 870 which is 10 layers of shoe rack and is suitable for storing up to 30 pairs of shoes. Moreover, shoe cabinets made of wood and iron are comparatively more expensive.

Why use Shoe Rack?

1. Keep Organized: Shoe rack help to keep used and unused shoes organized and stored in one place. As a result, shoes can be easily found for use at any time.

2. Protection: By using a shoe rack, shoes can be kept away from the floor, thus keeping the shoes free from rodents and harmful germs. Even the shoes will not get any kind of scratch so it will be suitable for long time use.

3. Aesthetics: Nowadays, shoe racks come in various designs and sizes which play a role as a new addition to the beauty of the room.

4. Simple Solution: If the shoe rack is kept in a specific place like near the door, the user can easily take out the necessary shoes and use these quickly while leaving the house.

Best Shoe Rack Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Shoe Rack Model Price
Dust Proof 9-Layer Shoe Cabinet ৳ 1,350
Shoe Rack 5 Layer ৳ 520
12 Pairs Shoes Storage Organizer Holder ৳ 350
10 Layer Show Rack ৳ 869
Malaysian MDF Wood Shoe Rack SR11 ৳ 8,900
Unique Door Back Shoe Rack ৳ 1,850
Wooden Shoe Rack ৳ 12,900
Unique Design Wooden Shoe Rack SR09 ৳ 13,800
7-Layer Folding Cloth Shoe Rack ৳ 1,790
Simple Multi-layer Shoe Rack ৳ 1,590