Almirah Price in Bangladesh

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Almirah Buying in Bangladesh

Almirah is the most used furniture in the bedroom to store and keep valuables like clothes and other things safe. When people of Bangladesh think of decorating their bedroom, almirah is preferred because it is very effective in keeping things organized as well as increasing the attractiveness of the bedroom. Currently, various designs and sizes of wardrobes are available at at an affordable price as per the requirement. Moreover, Almirah can be customized in Bangladesh to the desired design and size.

What is the price of Almirah in Bangladesh?

Almirah prices these days are determined based on its design, number of shelves, size, construction material, and quality. Almirah price in Bangladesh is a minimum of BDT 4,000 which is a board-made 1-part Almirah. To buy a 2-part Almirah in Bangladesh, one needs to spend at least BDT 7,000. Moreover, buying a 3-part Almirah in Bangladesh costs more than BDT 10,000. The better the quality of the material the Almirah is made of, the higher the price.

Which material Almirah is best?

Almirah made of various materials are available in Bangladesh, discussed in detail:

Wooden Almirah: Wooden Almirah has been popular in Bangladesh for ages as wooden almirah can enhance the beauty of any bedroom effortlessly. Wooden almirah comes with an attractive design which is one of the reasons why these are at the top of the users' preference list. Moreover, wood has its own color which is a kind of unique design. Various types of wooden almirah can be customized in Bangladesh, among which Mahogany, Segun(Teak), Akashi, and Gorjon are popular and this wooden almirah is quite durable. A 2-part almirah made of high-quality wood in Bangladesh costs at least BDT 20,000.

Board Almirah: Currently, the use of board almirah in Bangladesh has increased at a great rate. Because board almirah is cheap in price and has an attractive design that is perfect for decorating the bedroom. Different types of board almirahs are available in Bangladesh, among which the Malaysian MFD board and Canadian board are quite popular. The almirah made of board in Bangladesh is much cheaper.

Steel Almirah: The most robust and safe cupboards are steel Almirah. In Bangladesh, steel almirah is commonly used in homes including government or private offices, educational institutions, and other institutions. Basically, steel almirah is used to keep necessary and important documents and items extra safe. Moreover, steel almirah can be used comfortably for ages. Steel almirah with multiple parts can be customized as per requirement in Bangladesh most of the time. A minimum of BDT 25,000 has to be spent to collect a 2-palla almirah made of steel in Bangladesh. However, the price of the steel almirah varies depending on the thickness and quality of the steel.

Plastic Almirah: Plastic almirah comes with an attractive design and is widely used in Bangladesh as this almirah is relatively light in weight. Specially bachelors or small families prefer the use of plastic almirah, one of the reasons being portability and cheap price.

How popular is Part Almirah in Bangladesh?

1-part almirah, 2-part almirah, 3-part almirah, and 4-part almirah are available in Bangladesh made of wood, board, steel, and plastic. However, 2-part almirah and 3-part almirah, in particular, is very popular and in high demand in Bangladesh. Moreover, 5-part and 6-part almirah in Bangladesh can be customized as needed.

What to consider before buying Almirah?

1. Before buying an almirah, one needs to consider which type part almirah they want to buy according to their requirements.

2. Before buying an almari, one should consider whether its design is compatible with the interior of the bedroom.

3. When buying a large almirah, one should consider whether there is enough space in the bedroom. On the other hand, the stairs of many houses in Dhaka city are narrow, so before buying a large almirah, one has to consider its overall aspect.

4. Almirah made of different materials is available to buy in Bangladesh, so, one has to consider which material almirah to buy according to their preference and budget.

5. Almirah should be selected considering whether it has an adequate lock system as per requirement.