RFID Attendance Machine Price in Bangladesh

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RFID Attendance Buying in Bangladesh

RFID Attendance Machine is a sophisticated electronic device made with RFID technology. Such machine can be used to record and monitor the attendance of employees in educational institutions, offices, industrial plants, and government and private institutions. Moreover, it provides fast, accurate, efficient real-time attendance data monitoring. Currently, various brands including Zkteco, and Youhe of RFID Attendance Machine is available at affordable price in Bangladesh.

Benefit of using RFID Attendance Machine

1. RFID Attendance Machine automates the attendance process. Especially in educational institutions, students or office staff can provide attendance easily by scanning RFID cards or tags, which eliminates the need for manual attendance.

2. It scans the attendance record accurately in quick time, which saves time.

3. Such a machine provides accurate attendance records without any errors.

4. Moreover, the RFID attendance machine provides administrators of organizations with easy access to attendance data. As a result, monitoring the attendance data makes it easy to take necessary action.

5. The use of an RFID attendance machine eliminates the need for manual attendance on paper. Because attendance data is easily stored in the storage space of this machine.

6. Also, the use of such an attendance machine can mark the presence of only authorized persons. As a result, the presence of proxies is unlikely.

What is the price of an RFID Attendance Machine?

The price of RFID Attendance Machine in Bangladesh starts from Tk 1,400 which is a touch keypad machine that can be used both inside and outside the room. Moreover, the price of an RFID Attendance Machine in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, features, power, attendance capacity, and other factors. RFID attendance machine with card swiping or tapping, basic data storage capabilities, and limited reporting capabilities are available in a budget of Tk 3,000 to Tk 6,000. Also, an RFID attendance machine with biometric integration (fingerprint or face shape), larger data storage capacity, cloud-based storage, premium build quality along advanced reporting and analytics capabilities are available in Bangladesh within a budget of Tk 9,000 to Tk 34,000.

Things to look for when buying an RFID Attendance Machine

Compatibility: When purchasing an RFID attendance machine, it is necessary to check whether it will be compatible with the systems and software used in the office or industrial plant, which will work in harmony with the attendance management system.

RFID Technology: Select machine with advanced RFID technology for accurate and reliable employee attendance tracking. Also, the RFID tag and reader frequency range, read range, and reading speed should be verified.

Scalability: A growing business needs to opt for an upgraded RFID attendance machine to maintain proper attendance as the number of employees increases. Also, it must be verified that multiple entry points can be used consistently while operating with a large number of users.

User-friendly Interface: While buying the RFID machine, one should check whether the interface of the machine is user-friendly, which will be easy to navigate. Also, check whether clear instructions on the clock in and out time can be displayed for employees.

Data Security: Ensure that the RFID attendance machine is equipped with strong security features to keep attendance data secure. Other features including encryption, access control, and data backup capacity should be verified to protect sensitive information.

Reporting and Analytics: The reporting and analytical power of the RFID attendance machine should be verified. It will provide detailed attendance reports including employee attendance records, late arrivals, early departures, and absences.

Durability and Reliability: When purchasing an RFID Attendance Machine one must check for a durable and reliable machine that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Maintenance: The technical support and maintenance service should be checked for the purchase of an RFID Attendance Machine. Any subsequent issues will get timely support from the manufacturer or supplier.