RFID Attendance

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1 month ago
Soyal AR-721H Time Attendance Access Control System

Soyal AR-721H time attendance and access control system has 11 sets of time zone, different time zone for each user, up...

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27 days ago
ZKTeco KR602 External Proximity RFID Card Reader

Solid epoxy potted, integrated keypad for access control options, easy installation, IP65 rated reader, reverse...

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17 days ago
ZKSoftware KR-100 EM Card Exit Reader

125 KHz proximity card reader, read range up to 5cm, 26 / 34bit wiegand port, LED indications.

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16 days ago
ZKTeco KR600 RFID Card Attendance

Wiegand card readers, 125kHz EM or 13.56MHz mifare card reader, wiegand interface, up to 10cm proximity card and 5cm...

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1 month ago
Anviz OC500 RFID Card Time Attendance Terminal

Anviz OC500 RFID card time attendance terminal has 6 digit work code / 15 groups / 32 time zones / 30 bell schedulers...

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26 days ago
ZKTeco CR10 Series USB RFID Reader

Small and elegant design, standalone, Up to10CM read range, USB 5V DC / Max 100mA current, 2 color LED indicators red...

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17 days ago
ZKTeco KR500E Access Control RFID Exit Reading Machine

ZKTeco KR500E access control RFID exit reader has read range up to 10cm for proximity card and 5cm for mifare card,...

৳ 7,000
28 days ago
ZKTeco KR500 Series RFID Attendance

Up to 10cm for proximity card and 5cm for mifare card, 125KHz RFID card, 13.56MHz mifare card reade, LED / buzzer...

৳ 22,500
1 month ago
Suprema X-Pass 16MB RAM Access Control System RFID Card

Suprema X-Pass access control system RFID card has 533MHz DSP CPU, 16MB RAM, 8MB RFID card flash memory, 40000 user log...

৳ 850
2 months ago
ZKTeco KR101 External Proximity Reader

Easy to install on metal door frame, external LED control, external buzzer control, indoor / outdoor operation, solid...