Mini / POS Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

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POS Printer Buying in Bangladesh

What is mini printer?

A mini printer that basically prints a note-shaped note in a small piece of paper that you can use in your business or any other need. It is also called receipt or receipt printer. In Bangladesh it is called POS printer, mobile printer, pocket printer but same in terms of features and price.

What is the price of mini or POS printer in Bangladesh?

The price of mini printers in Bangladesh starts from just 3,800 Tk. It is a Bluetooth POS printer. There are various POS printers available in Bangladesh which are small in size and very cheap in price. Basically, the price of mini printers depends on the printing speed, size, paper size, battery.

How to connect pos printer?

The biggest advantage of POS printers is that you don't need to buy any device to use it. Because it supports almost all computing devices by Bluetooth and USB so you can manage with this device.

Is the mini printer portable?

Some other advantages of these printers are that they are quite light in weight. They are usually pocket size so they can be easily carried anywhere.

How do you cut POS printer paper?

Some mini or POS printers have an auto cutter installed and this cutter cuts the paper from the roll when the print is finished.

What are the benefits of POS printers?

This printer is equipped with various features. POS printers offer a variety of benefits. These are:

1. A multifunction or duplex system facility is available in many of today's POS printers. As a result, two pages can be printed easily.

2. POS printers can print out at a very fast speed. So the receipt can be generated in a few seconds.

3. Mini printers do not require ink. Because it uses thermal papers to print through heat.

4. Like other printers, mini printers do not incur any additional maintenance costs like changing cartridges, printer heads.

5. Currently, there are many bluetooth technology mini printers available in Bangladesh. With the help of this Bluetooth technology, printing can be done easily by connecting the mini printer to the POS system without any cables.