Mini Printer, Mobile Printer, POS Printer - Price in Bangladesh 2022

What is a POS printer?

A POS printer basically prints a note in the shape of a small piece of paper that you can use for your business or any other purpose. Such as Receipts for selling goods, tickets, supply receipts, health services, restaurants or hotels, grooming, management, parking, etc. can be used effortlessly. It is also called a receipt printer.

How do you connect a POS printer?

The biggest advantage of POS printers is that you don't have to buy any device to use it. Because it supports almost all computing devices by Bluetooth and USB so you can manage it with the device.

Are POS printer portable?

Some of the other advantages of these printers are that they are quite light in weight. They are usually pocket size so they can be carried anywhere very easily.

How do you cut the paper from POS printer?

Some POS printer has auto cutter installed and this cutter will cut the paper from the roll once printnig is completd.