Money Counting Machine

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৳ 105,500
23 hours ago
Astha BNC-600F Bundle Type Banknote Counting Machine

Astha BNC-600F money counting machine has super bright LED display, 100/4 sec counting speed, 4 wheel floor mounted...

৳ 13,900
23 hours ago
Limex FT2090 Hi-Speed Money Counter Machine

Limex FT2090 hi-speed money counter machine has approx 200 notes counting Capacity, AC 110/220 + 10% power Supply,...

৳ 155,500
23 hours ago
Chihua CH-600A Floor Mounted Money Counting Machine

Chihua CH-600A floor mounted money counting machine has 100 notes per 4 seconds counting speed, note capacity up to 200...

৳ 18,000
1 hour ago
Baijia Bj-105 MG/MT Detection UV Money Counting Machine

Baijia Bj-105 UV money counting machine has half and chain banknote identifying, MG/MT detecting function, batch...

৳ 10,000
moment ago
Roller Friction Type Bill Counting Machine RM-308

Bill counting machine RM-308 has roller friction type feeding system, ≥900pcs/min counting speed, ≤60db working...

৳ 28,000
1 hour ago
Baijia BJ-2100 Auto Hi-Speed Money Counting Machine

Baijia BJ-2100 money counting machine has auto or manual counting system, UV / width, double, half, chain detecting...

৳ 123,000
moment ago
Sendon XD-0363 Floor Mounted Money Counting Machine

Sendon XD-0363 money counting machine has 100/4 sec speed, floor mounted, count 150 notes at a time, separate dual...

৳ 11,300
1 day ago
Electronic Money Counter 2108 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection

Electronic money counter 2108 UV/MG intelligent counterfeit detection machine has auto start/stop/clearing system,...

৳ 21,500
23 hours ago
Limax FT-2050 Dual Display Money Counter Machine

Limax FT-2500 money counting machine has one color display in the center and side with LCD, the Center display can turn...

৳ 22,500
23 hours ago
Astha BM-200N Automatic Banknote Banding Machine

Astha BM-200N professional currency binding machine has adopted the advanced international feed wheel to solve the...