Money Counting Machine

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৳ 13,900
1 day ago
Limex FT2090 Hi-Speed Money Counter Machine

Limex FT2090 hi-speed money counter machine has approx 200 notes counting Capacity, AC 110/220 + 10% power Supply,...

৳ 135,500
1 day ago
Paragon Plus P-409A Automatic Note / Money Counting Machine

Paragon Plus P-409A note counting machine has automatic counting function, alarm function, preset function, 10 key...

৳ 115,500
3 days ago
Astha BNC-600F Bundle Type Money Counting Machine

Astha BNC-600F money counting machine has UV detection level specialized for Bangladesh currency, separate dual display...

৳ 13,999
4 hours ago
IMFA IM-2090 Two Display Money Counter Machine

IMFA IM-2090 money counter machine has front and side two displays, 1000 notes/min counting speed, countable note sizes...

৳ 135,500
1 day ago
CMICO 365 Floor Mound Banknote Counter Machine

CMICO 365 floor mound banknote counter machine has around 4 seconds/100 notes money counting speed, 200 notes holder...

৳ 99,000
16 days ago
Astha CH-600D Desktop Money Counting Machine

Astha CH-600D desktop money counting machine has vacuum / bundle type feed system, 4 sec per 100 sheets counting speed,...

৳ 20,500
1 day ago
Limax 3050 Roller Friction Feed Money Counting Machine

Limax 3050 money counting machine has roller friction feed system, dimensions 310 x 250 x 205 mm, 1000 notes/min...

৳ 22,000
6 hours ago
Money Counter Machine 4 Digit LED Display 8906

Money counter machine 8906 has 600 / 1000 / 1500 pieces per minute money counting speed, counting ranger 1-9999, 4...

৳ 110,000
4 hours ago
Kington NC-3000 Dual Screen Vacuum Bundle Note Counter

Kington NC-3000 vacuum bundle note counter has 200 notes counting capacity, dual display, error count and fake note...

৳ 21,500
1 day ago
Limax FT-2050 Dual Display Money Counter Machine

Limax FT-2500 money counting machine has one color display in the center and side with LCD, the Center display can turn...