Money Counting Machine

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৳ 18,000
3 days ago
Baijia Bj-105 MG/MT Detection UV Money Counting Machine

Baijia Bj-105 UV money counting machine has half and chain banknote identifying, MG/MT detecting function, batch...

৳ 120,000
1 month ago
Paragon Plus P-409A Ten-Key Auto Money/Note Counting Machine

Paragon plus P-409A note counting machine has automatic counting function, preset function, alarm function, 10 key...

৳ 110,000
6 days ago
DDBMF Bundle Note Counting Machine

DDBMF bundle note counting machine has LED display panel
 alarm, minimum size 90 x 5O mm, maximum size 240 x 100 mm,...

৳ 4,500
1 month ago
Dual Power Portable V40 Money Counting Machine

Portable design, 600 notes per minute counting, easy to read display inform of the note count and amount, 4 x AA...

৳ 13,900
1 day ago
Limex FT2090 Hi-Speed Money Counter Machine

Limex FT2090 hi-speed money counter machine has approx 200 notes counting Capacity, AC 110/220 + 10% power Supply,...

৳ 12,500
16 days ago
Electronic Money Counter 2108 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection

Auto start / stop / clearing system, withbatching, adding and self examination function, fake notes detection, counting...

৳ 121,000
1 day ago
Sendon XD-0363 Floor Mounted Money Counting Machine

Sendon XD-0363 money counting machine has 100/4 sec speed, floor mounted, count 150 notes at a time, separate dual...

৳ 110,000
6 days ago
Kington NC-3000 Dual Screen Vacuum Bundle Note Counter

Kington NC-3000 vacuum bundle note counter has 200 notes counting capacity, dual display, error count and fake note...

৳ 25,000
3 days ago
Baijia Bj-26A Automatic Money Binding Strapping Machine

Baijia Bj-26A automatic money binding strapping machine has 1.5 sec bundling speed, 20 sec preheating period, 100pcs 50...

৳ 8,000
1 month ago
ZECHAO ZC-2108 LCD Screen Money Counter Machine

ZECHAO ZC-2108 LCD screen money counter machine has 120 old bills or 180 new bills capacity, 0°C-40°C temperature,...

৳ 10,999
6 days ago
IMFA IM-2010 Clear LCD Display Money Counter Machine

IMFA IM-2010 money counter machine has clear LCD display, 1000 notes/min counting speed, MG detection - optional, UV...

৳ 22,000
3 days ago
Money Counter Machine 4 Digit LED Display 8906

Money counter machine 8906 has 600 / 1000 / 1500 pieces per minute money counting speed, counting ranger 1-9999, 4...

৳ 11,500
1 day ago
Domens DMS-1080T Automatic Money Counter Machine

UV+MG+MT+DD detection function, AC 230V±10PHz±5% power supply, Dual LCD display, roller friction system, ACCEPTED...

৳ 18,700
1 day ago
Kington AL 1600 Money Counter Machine

Automatic detecting with ultraviolet and magnetic counting, chained-note detection, double-note detecting with infrared...

৳ 5,000
1 day ago
Vissen 112 Money Counter Machine 1000 Notes/Min Speed

Vissen 112 money counter machine has roller friction feed system, body dimensions 297 x 247 x 167 mm, 1000 notes/min...

৳ 8,000
1 month ago
Money Counter 0288UV/MG High Speed Machine 1000 Pcs/Min

Money counter machine 0288UV/MG has 1000 pcs/min high speed money counting speed, 130 pcs hopper capacity, 130 pcs...

৳ 17,500
1 day ago
Money Counter 2108 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection Machine

Electronic money counter 2108 UV/MG intelligent counterfeit detection machine auto star / stop / clearing system,...

৳ 96,500
3 days ago
Kington JB-2000S Heavy Duty Reliable Money Counting Machine

Kington JB-2000 money counting machine has 200 notes at a time note capacity, 100 notes in 4 seconds counting speed,...

৳ 7,000
5 months ago
Samshin Riki S-500 Portable Money Counter Machine

Samshin Riki S-500 portable automatic money counter machine. This banknote counter (or bill / cash / currency counter)...

৳ 12,000
5 months ago
Compact Money Counting Machine with Money Detector 600pcs/m

Compact money counting machine has counting and detecting technology, light-weight, ultraviolet / magnetic / watermark...