Baijia Money Counting Machine

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৳ 17,000
19 hours ago
Baijia Bj-105 High Speed UV Money Counting Machine

MG/MT detecting function, batch presetting, half and chain banknote identifying, add counting, 115 x 50 mm ~ 175 x 85...

৳ 18,000
21 hours ago
Baijia Bj-105 MG/MT Detection UV Money Counting Machine

Baijia Bj-105 UV money counting machine has half and chain banknote identifying, MG/MT detecting function, batch...

৳ 25,000
21 hours ago
Baijia Bj-26A Automatic Money Binding Strapping Machine

Baijia Bj-26A automatic money binding strapping machine has 1.5 sec bundling speed, 20 sec preheating period, 100pcs 50...