Rod Price in Bangladesh

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Rod Buying in Bangladesh

Rod basically means something between cast iron and wrought iron. It is basically the most effective material for use in construction work. Also, the rod is also called the backbone of the construction building. Currently, in Bangladesh, there is a lot of demand for rod in the construction of multi-storied buildings like homes, offices, or industries. Currently, various domestic brand including BSRM, KSRM, ZSRM, RSRM, and AKS supply rod at affordable price in Bangladesh 

What to look for buy Rod?

Rod Quality: Rod quality and grade are very important factors to consider. 500 MPa (72,000 psi) provides good durability for making road-building structures. Also, when buying rod, it is better to choose an earthquake-resistant rod. Because this type of rod provides additional protection to the structure of the building.

Welding compatibility: Normal rod can break or burn in any type of welding. Therefore, low-carbon rod should be selected for welding which makes weld or lap weld work easier and saves time.

Corrosion resistance: Rod manufactured through thermo-mechanical processes shall be verified which eliminates harmful residual torsional stress in the rod and increases corrosion resistance.

Flexibility: It is very important to check the flexibility of the rod which will help in maintaining the strength of bricks, sand, cement, and concrete used in construction.

Rod Type Consistency: When purchasing multiple types of rod, ensure that the rod quality is consistent. Because the same casting and tempering process ensures consistency in rod types and quality variation is minimized.

Straightness: Straight rod is required for pillar, beam, and column work on the construction site. So before buying the rod, you should check the straightness of the rod. As a result, both time and labor will be less in building the structure with rod.

Certification of Rod: Before purchasing the rod, the certification of the manufacturer must be verified to ensure that the rod has been properly quality controlled.

Price Check: Check the prices from different suppliers before buying the rod. However, the quality and capacity of the rod should be considered in addition to the price.

How to store Rod?

1. The rod should generally be stored in a clean and dry place.

2. Rod rusts quickly when exposed to moisture so should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated area.

3. It is best to wrap the rod in waterproof turf or plastic wrap to protect it from water contact.

4. Rod is more likely to corrode quickly when in direct contact with soil. Therefore, when storing the rod, it should be kept slightly above the ground in a rack or stand.

5. Also, if the rod is outside for more than a month, washing the rod with cement water will prevent rusting.
6. After making pillars, beams, or columns at the construction site, some parts of the rod are left out. So the rest of the rod should be cleaned during the later work.

How much does Rod cost?

Rod price generally varies depending on a number of factors including type, grade, quality, diameter, and brand. The price of the rod in Bangladesh is Tk 83,000 per ton, which makes for a strong construction structure as well as less earthquake risk. Also, TMT steel rod price in Bangladesh is Tk 95,000 per ton, which has a load-carrying capacity of 72,500 psi and at the same time is cost-effective in construction work.

Best Rod Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Rod Model Price in BD
Slump Cone with Tamping Rod and Base Plate ৳ 2,500
Threaded Copper Bond Earth Rod ৳ 3,250
TMT 500W ZSRM Rod ৳ 89,000
TMT 500W Steel Rod ৳ 95,000