Safety Shoes Price in Bangladesh

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Safety Shoes Buying in Bangladesh

Safety shoes play an important role in ensuring the safety of workers in various industries. These types of shoes not only provide protection to the feet but also help prevent injuries caused by hazardous environments, sharp objects, electric shocks, slips, and trips. Safety shoes are of immense importance in keeping workers safe in many industries including manufacturing, construction, and electrical engineering. The demand for safety shoes in Bangladesh has increased considerably due to occupational health and safety considerations. Currently, Bata Safety Shoes, Apex Safety Shoes, Honeywell Safety Shoes, Runner Safety Shoes, King's Safety Shoes, and China Brand Safety Shoes are available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

What type of safety shoes is available in Bangladesh?

Steel-toe shoes: Steel-toe shoe is one of the most commonly used safety shoes. These types of shoes feature protective steel caps that are used in construction, manufacturing, and heavy industry.

Composite-toe shoes: Composite-toe shoe is lighter than steel-toe shoes and is usually made of non-metallic materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass instead of steel. These types of safety shoes are used by airport personnel or security personnel.

Electrical Resistance Shoes: Electrical resistance shoe is primarily designed to protect against electric shock. These types of safety shoes are commonly used in the electrical and utility industries.

Slip-Resistant Shoes: Slip-resistant shoes have outsoles with improved traction to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Also known as anti-slip or non-slip shoes. These types of safety shoes are used in the workplace, especially in hospitals and manufacturing industries.

Chemical-Resistant Shoes: These types of safety shoes generally provide resistance to exposure to chemicals and corrosive substances. Chemical-resistant safety shoes are commonly used in laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.

Also, moisture protection, waterproof, etc. safety shoes is available at low price in Bangladesh.

What is the benefit of safety shoes?

Safety shoes also known as work boots or work shoes in Bangladesh provide safety in various professional tasks.

1. Safety shoes is made with cushioned insoles and ergonomic design to help people stay comfortable as well as safe for long hours of work.

2. Safety shoes protect the feet by reducing the risk of injury from heavy objects, especially in various workplaces.

3. Safety shoes is usually made with slip-resistant outsoles. The result provides improved traction on slippery surfaces which reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

4. Safety shoes protect workers from electric shock when working in contact with electrical circuits or conductors.

5. Safety shoes protect workers' feet from corrosive substances such as hazardous chemicals, oils, or liquids in various industries.

6. Safety shoes are usually made of durable materials such as leather, synthetic textiles, or rubber that ensure long-lasting use.

How much do safety shoes cost?

The price of safety shoes varies depending on the brand, quality, features, materials used, etc. The price of safety shoes in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of Tk 300 which is usually waterproof and dustproof. Safety shoes suitable for use in contact with oil, acid, or chemical substances in industries is available between 400 and 1000 Tk. At least 1100 Tk should be spent to buy safety shoes suitable for use in construction, garments, and textile areas in Bangladesh. Moreover, anti-skid, anti-static, and electric shock-resistant safety shoes cost more than 2000 Tk.

Best Safety Shoes Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best safety shoes list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best safety shoes list has been created based on the interest for safety shoes buyers of BD Stall.

Safety Shoes Model Price in BD
Kang Xuanan Safety shoe ৳ 2,500
Industrial Chemical Safety Gumboot ৳ 500
Steel PVC Safety Gumboot Shoes ৳ 780
Kings Safety Shoe ৳ 3,250
Stylish Tinggu Safety Shoes ৳ 2,700
Sunway Safety Shoes ৳ 2,200
Big Hole Mesh Upper Casual Shoe ৳ 2,500
Fashionable Sneaker Safety Shoes ৳ 2,900
Solex Super Safety Shoe ৳ 1,400
Acid / Chemical Resistant Gum Boot ৳ 870