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৳ 3,800
11 hours ago
Portable UVC Sterilization Stick

Handheld UVC disinfection stick lamp light, 20 pieces LED lamp, 253.7nm wavelength, 3 second sterilizer time, 1200mAh...

৳ 250
2 days ago
Bklean 220ml Hand Sanitizer

Bklean hand sanitizer, no water required, 220 ml weight.

৳ 6,000
11 hours ago
Portable UV Sterilization Bag

Ultraviolet light to kill all virus and bacteria and to prevent infection, 5 minutes to quickly disinfect, 254+nm...

৳ 450
11 hours ago
Youmi Space Sterilization Card

Purify sound air, breaking the traditional disinfection concept, purify the user's air with a radius of 1m anytime...

৳ 420
1 month ago
Savlon Antiseptic Liquid 1 Liter

Formulated for treat cuts / scratches / blisters / grazes insect bites / windburn, soothes skin and protect infections,...

৳ 2,500
2 days ago
AirDoctor Portable Sanitizer

Portable air doctor effectively kill pathogenic microorganism / fungi / spores / bacteria and viruses, solid chloride...

৳ 3,700
16 days ago
Bromo-Germaine Disinfection Chemical for Water Mixing

Fungicide specially recommended for hand-holding or automatic disinfect fogger machine, 100% non-firely that means...

৳ 6,000
2 days ago
Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp

Intelligent sterilization, remote control switch, 38-watt power, 50Hz frequency, 220V nominal voltage, 23.8 x 19 x...

৳ 1,500
23 days ago
Classic Lemon Refreshing Towel Pack

Relief and hygiene, wet scented refreshment, effective cleansing and refreshing, suitable for face / hand / neck area,...

৳ 200
2 days ago
Bklean 100ml Hand Sanitizer

Cure germ, no water is required and use directly from bottle, 100 ml weight.

৳ 2,700
16 days ago
84 Disinfection Liquid 5 Liter

No side effect, used for daily cleaning and sterilization, safe and reliable, effectively kill 99.9% harmful skin...

৳ 3,100
3 months ago
84 Disinfectant Liquid

Disinfectant liquid effective chlorine content is 4-7%, which can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria / pyogenic...