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Door Lock Buying in Bangladesh

Door lock is a very important item nowadays. It is used for security as well as providing various other services. There are door locks of different designs and different technologies in Bangladesh. Different brands of door locks are now available in Bangladesh at very low prices.

How many types of door locks are available in Bangladesh?

In terms of technology, there are two types of door locks available in Bangladesh. These are:

  • Smart door lock
  • Electromagnetic door lock

Smart Door Lock: Smart door lock is very modern and high quality. It is most useful in providing security. Smart door locks are secured with fingerprint sensor, RFID card scan sensor, alarm and many other features.

Electromagnetic Door Lock: Electromagnetic door lock works with the help of electromagnetic energy. These door locks are generally used on glass and wooden doors.

Why should a door lock be used?

There are several important reasons to use a door lock. These reasons are:

1. By using door lock, home, office, cabin, building or many useful things can be secured.

2. The use of door locks is very important to protect your valuables from various types of theft, robbery or similar.

3. Smart door locks are not like normal door locks but there are various benefits in these door locks along with door locks. For example, if a stranger tries to open the door, the alarm will sound to warn.

4. Many door locks also have a fingerprint sensor so that no one can open the lock without a specific person's fingerprint.

5. Nowadays door locks are very strong so it is not easy to cut them. Many door locks cannot be cut. As a result the house or place of use is safe.

6. The door locks which are unlocked through various apps, keys, face, finger, remote control are the best nowadays.

7. Bangladesh has RFID technology door locks. They are used in offices, courts and various VIP places. Scan with this card and then enter inside.

What type of door lock to buy?

There are different types of door locks in Bangladesh. These door locks are used in various places. So should buy based on usage ie:

Pad lock: Pad lock which is commonly used everywhere in our Bangladesh. However, it is important to observe some precautions while using the pad lock. Because the less expensive pad locks are not that strong, they can be cut easily. The key required to open it can easily be forged or the lock can be easily opened with a metal material. However, there are some better quality pad locks that are very robust and have many features. So these pads should be bought.

Knob lock: Knob locks are used on doors. Currently very good quality knob locks are available in Bangladesh. Knob locks are mostly used indoors. A special advantage of the knob lock is that it is fixed to the door. No need to open and apply again and again. It can be opened with a key and locked with a key.

Lever handle lock: Lever handle lock is found everywhere in Bangladesh. Lever handle is used in main gate of house, locker, bank and various places. Lever handle locks are particularly useful for securing valuables.

Rim lock: Rim locks are seen to be used more for vehicle security in Bangladesh. Vehicles like bikes, cycles, rickshaws, CNG etc. are locked with the help of this rim lock. Rim locks are very strong as they are made of strong metal. A key is required to open and engage the rim lock.

Furniture Lock: Furniture locks are used in many furniture including dressing table, showcase, cupboard, cover, table, drawer. Furniture locks are not big in size but are quite strong in providing security.

What is the price of door lock in Bangladesh?

The price of door lock in Bangladesh starts from Tk 490 only. There are different types of door locks in Bangladesh. Basically the door lock price in Bangladesh is determined depending on the door lock type, technology and other features. Due to the low price of door locks in Bangladesh, the use of door locks is seen everywhere.