Baby Toys Price in Bangladesh

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Toy Buying in Bangladesh

Children need toys for entertainment. Nowadays, there are various types of educational toys available through which children can pass the time and learn new things. And, to increase interest in learning, various type of toy is currently available in Bangladesh. Apart from this, various exercise toy is also available to keep children healthy. Toy manufacturing companies are constantly supplying new toys in proportion to the age of children.

How many type of toy is found in Bangladesh?

Baby toys can be divided into several categories based on shape and purpose. Some of the classic toys are described in detail:

Entertaining Toy: Entertaining toys of different shapes like cars, trains, buses, planes, etc. are used to keep the little kids busy. With all these toys kids get more entertainment while passing time.

Educational Toy: Children can learn new things while playing with educational toys. Educational toys include a variety of puzzle games that allow children to create different shapes. Bengali and English alphabet set with which kids can recognize the alphabet while playing. And, abacus with various designs is available so that children can learn counting easily.

Exercise Toy: In addition to entertainment, various types of exercise toys are currently available in Bangladesh to keep children healthy. One of the exercise toys is the inflatable bouncer. Kids can punch, kick, and push the inflatable bouncer as much as they want, but the inflatable bouncer stays upright. Through this toy, children get full body exercise including arms and legs. Besides, children can get physical exercise by cycling.

What is the price of Baby toys in Bangladesh?

Kid's toy price in Bangladesh is determined based on its type, size, shape, and built quality. Baby toy price in bd starts from TK 100 which is generally suitable for 1.5 to 2-year-old children. Moreover, various types of remote control cars, planes, and helicopters are available which cost a bit more.

Precautions before buying children's Toys

  • Children's toys should be checked before buying to see if these likely to cause injury. Risky toy is not suitable for young children
  • Before buying a toy for kids, check the appropriate age range of the toy
  • Avoid buying violent toys to protect children's mental health
  • Small toys should not be given to children as children may swallow small toys