Metal Detector

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৳ 365,000
1 day ago
Garrett PD6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector Archway Gate

Garrett PD6500i enhanced pinpoint walk-through metal detector archway gate has 33 pinpoint zones, more than 20 standard...

৳ 1,500
2 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D100S Waterproof Handheld Metal Detector

Waterproof protection, standard 9V battery, 7v-9v operating voltage, <50mA operating current, 40KHz operation...

৳ 48,000
2 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D1065S 100 Sensitivity Fireproof Archway Gate

High-density fireproof detection material, 6-zone detection with 100 sensitivity level, sound and LED alarm,...

৳ 9,500
15 hours ago
Garrett Super Wand Handheld Auto Tuning Metal Detector

Garrett super wand handheld auto tuning metal detector has detects ferrous / non ferrous / stainless steel weapons...

৳ 145,950
15 hours ago
Secuscan AT-300B 18-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

Secuscan AT-300B archway metal detector gate has 18 pinpoint zones to precisely target multiple locations from head to...

৳ 1,500
2 days ago
Garrett Super 1 Switch Operation Handheld Metal Scanner

Garrett super handheld metal scanner has superb sensitivity, simple one switch operation, large 10 inch scan surface...

৳ 95,499
15 hours ago
Secuscan AT-IIID 6-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

Secuscan AT-IIID is a budget metal detector gate but has a very robust scanning method for professional organization in...

৳ 44,500
11 hours ago
Secuscan SP1500 Handheld Dangerous Bottle Liquid Scanner

Secuscan SP1500 handheld dangerous bottle liquid scanner has ultra-wideband pulse microwave reflection method & the...

৳ 175,000
11 hours ago
Secuplus SPW-II C Infrared Body Temperature Archway

Two LED light in door, battery backup, 18 detection zone, 36.5℃ normal temperature, identify multiple target...

৳ 68,000
2 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D3180S 18-Zone Remote Control Metal Detector Gate

18 mutual over-lapping detecting zones, infrared remote control, sound and LED alarm, simultaneous alarm from multi...

৳ 515,000
1 day ago
Secuscan AT300S 33-Zone 5th Gen Metal Detector Archway Door

Secuscan AT300S archway 5th generation metal detector door has 33 metal detection zones, DSP technology, automatically...

৳ 22,500
11 hours ago
Secuplus V160 Ultra-Hi Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector

Secuplus V-160 handheld metal detector has ultra high sensitivity, sound / light and vibration alarm, dedicated 7.4V...

৳ 275,000
15 hours ago
Secuplus SPW-300S 33 / 45 Zones Archway Metal Detector

Secuplus SPW-300S archway metal detector public gate has 33 / 45 zones high sensitivity walk through metal detector for...

৳ 280,000
3 months ago
Walk Through IR Human Body Fever Temperature Scanner

Body temperature detection door uses high-precision infrared temperature sensor, -20℃~37.3℃ working temperature,...

৳ 96,000
3 months ago
MCD-600 New Version 6 Zone Walk Through Gate

Two LED alarm light, 6-18 zone exchange, 0 to 255 sensitivity, 6.0 inch LCD screen panel, sound alarm, waterproof /...

৳ 450,000
3 months ago
Walk-Through ThruScan sX-i Archway Metal Detector

Metal density display by 10-level-VU meter, automatic frequency selection feature, 45 sensitivity level, 300 adjustable...

৳ 130,000
5 months ago
MCD-600C 33 Zone High Sensitivity Metal Detector Door

Two LED alarm light, 6.0 inch LCD screen panel, 0 to 255 sensitivity, sound alarm, waterproof / shakeproof / fireproof,...

৳ 110,000
5 months ago
MCD-800 Multi-function Intelligent Archway Door

Big LCD 5.7 inch screen panel, 0 to 255 sensitivity adjusted, two LED alarm light, sound alarm, waterproof /...

৳ 470,000
5 months ago
MCD 9000 Foldable 24-Zone Archway Scanner

IP67 grade waterproof, foldable for portability, 24 zones high speed scanning, fold dimension 889 x 606 x 484 mm, 33 Kg...

৳ 70,000
5 months ago
Archway MCD-300 Gate Metal Detector with Alarm Statistics

Archway MCD-300 gate metal detector has LEDs on both sides, six separate detection zones to check the metal's accurate...