Metal Detector | Metal Scanner | Price in Bangladesh

A metal detector is an electric device that can actually detect and signal the presence of a metal nearby. When electricity is supplied to a metal detector, an electromagnet is created in it so that the magnetic field lines can easily detect metallic substances. Metal detectors are used for special security.

At present different types of detectors are used for different purposes e.g.

1. Hand Metal Detector: Because of the low magnetic potential of hand metal detectors or portable metal detectors, it is scanned the whole body by hand. It is used in various shopping malls, offices, homes.

2. Archway Metal Detector: Pulse induction technology is used in archway metal detectors so its capacity is high. Its designs are a bit like a door so it is called an archway gate. Usually all these devices are used in large quantities in crowds of people.

3. Gold Detector: The range of Gold Detector is medium. Since gold is a very sensitive substance, very small amounts of magnetic waves made of electricity can detect it. These types of detectors are widely used in airports.

4. Underground Detectors: Underground detectors are used to detect metals underground. This is one of the most powerful devices.