Metal Detector

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৳ 22,500
9 days ago
Secuplus V160 Ultra-Hi Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector

Secuplus V-160 handheld metal detector has ultra high sensitivity, sound / light and vibration alarm, dedicated 7.4V...

৳ 1,700
6 hours ago
Super Scanner Handheld Metal Detector Security Alarm

Super scanner handheld metal detector security alarm has 22 KHz frequency, maximum 270 mW scanner power, scanner...

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21 days ago
Gold Sniper Metal Detector

LCD comes with light, unique tone for target, hidden search coil cable, waterproof search coil, adjustable stem,...

৳ 148,000
2 days ago
Uniqscan UB600 18-Zone Walk Through Archway Metal Detector

Uniqscan UB600 18-zone walk through archway gate metal detector has six mutual over-lapping detecting zones,...

৳ 110,000
22 hours ago
ZKTeco ZK-D3180S 18-Zone Archway Metal Detector Gate

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S archway metal detector gate has 18 mutual over-lapping detecting zones, simultaneous alarm from multi...

৳ 52,000
1 day ago
Archway MCD 300 Walk-Through 6 Zone Metal Detector Gate

Archway MCD 300 walk-through metal detector gate 300 has LEDs on both sides of walk through metal detector door, frame...

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3 hours ago
Garrett Super Scanner 1165180 Hand Held Metal Detector Pro

Garrett supper scanner 1165180 hand held metal detector pro detects metal hand gun from 23 cm, knives from 15 cm, rear...

৳ 68,000
17 days ago
Guard Spirit Archway Gate Metal Detector XYT2101-A2

Guard spirit walk-through metal detector archway gate XYT2101-A2 has 0-255 steps adjustable sensitivity, 6 detecting...

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19 days ago
Archway MCD-300 Gate Metal Detector with Alarm Statistics

Archway MCD-300 gate metal detector has LEDs on both sides, six separate detection zones to check the metal's accurate...

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1 hour ago
Secuscan AT-300B 18-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

Secuscan AT-300B archway metal detector gate has 18 pinpoint zones to precisely target multiple locations from head to...