Metal Detector Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Metal Detector Buying in Bangladesh

A metal detector is an electrical device that can detect and signal the presence of metal. Various metal detector machines in Bangladesh can be found in use from security to metal detection. The detector machine should be purchased depending on the object to be detected. For example, a metal detector should be used to detect something like metal, an underground metal detector should be used to detect something below the ground, and a gold detector should be used to detect gold.

How many types of detector machines are available in Bangladesh?

There are many types of detector machines available in Bangladesh but some of the most popular metal detectors are:

  • Handheld metal detector
  • Archway gate or walk through metal detector
  • Gold detector
  • Underground metal detector

Hand Metal Detector: Hand metal detector or portable metal detector can scan the entire body using magnetic energy. It is used in various shopping malls, offices, homes.

Archway Metal Detector: Archway metal detector uses pulse induction technology so it has high power. Its designs are similar to doors so it is called archway gate. Usually all these devices are used in large numbers in the crowd of people.

Gold Detector: Since gold is a very sensitive material, magnetic waves generated by very small amounts of electricity can detect it. This type of detector is widely used in airports. But some treasure hunters also use it to find gold.

Underground Detector: Underground detectors are used to detect metals underground. It is one of the most powerful devices.

Why are metal detectors used?

Metal detectors are mainly used to detect anything metallic. For example, metal detectors are used for environmental security in places where many people gather. Not only that, underground detectors are used to detect various things under the ground such as metals, gold, diamonds or other mineral resources under the ground.

What is in the metal detector?

Metal detector has various accessories including sensor, alarm, LED signal, battery, handle. For example:

Sensor: Metal detectors have advanced sensors that detect the presence of metal, gold, or other objects. If there is a large number of people in a place such as a market, mall, park or a travel place, if a person carries a knife, pistol, needle or something like that on their body, then the metal detector can easily detect them. Essentially, sensors assist in this detection task. Some metal detectors can scan multiple parts of a person at once, known as detector zones. So metal detector should be selected depending on the detector zone and what kind of metal it can detect because the price variation in Bangladesh depends a lot on it.

Alarm: A metal detector's sensor alerts by sounding an alarm when it detects a metal object. When something is detected, the alarm sounds and signals that a person has something metal or something underground. In this case it is convenient to have alarms for different metals.

LED signal: Some metal detectors provide signals through LED lights. But usually there are 3 small LED lights which are red, green and yellow. It will have a green light when scanning something and a bright red light when something dangerous or useful is detected. And the yellow light turns on when the detector is turned on and off.

Battery: Some metal detectors are powered by rechargeable batteries. so that it can be charged and used. Their batteries can be easily opened and replaced if needed. Their battery backup is very good.

Handle: Handle facilities are available on many metal detectors. This advantage lies in the easy-to-carry motion detector. The handle plays a very important role in identification by carrying it from one place to another. The handle of many of these detector machines is completely weather proof. So they can be used in all weather conditions.

Others: Other accessories come with these detectors such as headphones, chargers, leather belt loops, a belt holder, cables, etc.

What is the price of metal detector in Bangladesh?

Metal detector prices in Bangladesh are very cheap starting from just 1,380 Taka. This inexpensive metal detector is called a handheld metal detector. Also, walk through metal detector prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 40,500 only. It has 6 detection zones i.e. it detects metal in 6 stages. But apart from these, there are many types of metal detectors available in Bangladesh such as gold detectors, underground metal detectors whose prices depend on the type of work, brand, detection mode, size and other features.