Handheld Metal Detector

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৳ 2,450
17 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D100S Handheld Metal Detector

ZKTeco ZK-D100S handheld metal detector has sound and light alarm simultaneously, <50 mAh operating current, ≥75dB...

৳ 2,500
16 days ago
Garrett Super Scanner 1165180 Hand Held Metal Detector Pro

Garrett supper scanner 1165180 hand held metal detector pro detects metal hand gun from 23 cm, knives from 15 cm, rear...

৳ 1,700
16 days ago
Hand Held Super Scanner Security Metal Detector MD-3003B1

Hand held super scanner metal detector MD-3003B1 has medium sized pistol detecting technology from 9 inch distance /...

৳ 9,500
3 days ago
Garrett Super Wand Handheld Auto Tuning Metal Detector

Garrett super wand handheld auto tuning metal detector has detects ferrous / non ferrous / stainless steel weapons...

৳ 4,500
2 days ago
Garrett Super 1 Switch Operation Handheld Metal Scanner

Garrett super handheld metal scanner has superb sensitivity, simple one switch operation, large 10 inch scan surface...

৳ 22,500
2 days ago
Secuplus V160 Ultra-Hi Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector

Secuplus V-160 handheld metal detector has ultra high sensitivity, sound / light and vibration alarm, dedicated 7.4V...

৳ 44,500
2 days ago
Secuscan SP1500 Handheld Dangerous Bottle Liquid Scanner

Secuscan SP1500 handheld dangerous bottle liquid scanner has ultra-wideband pulse microwave reflection method & the...

৳ 1,700
10 hours ago
ZKTeco ZK-D100S Waterproof Metal Detector

Handheld detector with battery, 50mAh operating current, 75dB alarm sound, 7V-9V operating voltage, 25 KHz operation...

৳ 2,800
2 days ago
Underground Metal Detector Treasure Waterproof Gold Tracker

LCD display, light weight and easy operation, 55.3KHz frequency, 10mm one coin sensitivity, find missing or lost coins...

৳ 4,000
18 days ago
High Sensitivity Electric Handheld Metal Detector

High sensitivity electric handheld metal detector has alarm buzzer / vibration / ear phone detectable indication, 5 x 5...

৳ 3,000
18 days ago
Handheld Smart Sensor Metal Detector

Handheld smart sensor metal detector has sound / vibration detection tip, 50mm detection range, 13 KHz detection...

৳ 25,500
18 days ago
Professional Underground Metal Detector with Folding Shove

Professional underground metal detector has function of detecting the presence of metal, 7.0kHz signal frequency,...

৳ 5,500
1 month ago
Garrett 1165180 Automatic Re-Tuning Hand Held Metal Detector

Garrett 1165180 hand held security metal detector device has automatic re-tuning function, red LED indicator, alarming...

৳ 3,000
4 months ago
Hand Metal Detector

This Hand-held metal detector’s sensitivity detects medium sized pistol from 9" distance; large knife from 6"; razor...

৳ 6,400
5 months ago
Gold Sniper Metal Detector

LCD comes with light, unique tone for target, hidden search coil cable, waterproof search coil, adjustable stem,...