Handheld Metal Detector

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৳ 4,000
2 days ago
High Sensitivity Electric Handheld Metal Detector

High sensitivity electric handheld metal detector has alarm buzzer / vibration / ear phone detectable indication, 5 x 5...

৳ 2,500
20 hours ago
Garrett 1165180 Hand Held Auto Re-Tuning Metal Detector

Garrett 1165180 hand held metal detector has automatic re-tuning, 23 cm hand gun detection, 15 cm hand held metal...

৳ 3,000
2 days ago
Handheld Smart Sensor Metal Detector

Handheld smart sensor metal detector has sound / vibration detection tip, 50mm detection range, 13 KHz detection...

৳ 1,700
19 hours ago
ZKTeco ZK-D100S Waterproof Metal Detector

Handheld detector with battery, 50mAh operating current, 75dB alarm sound, 7V-9V operating voltage, 25 KHz operation...

৳ 2,200
18 hours ago
TeraScan ESH-10 Slim Design Hand Held Metal Detector

TeraScan ESH-10 hand held metal detector has slim design, detects ferrous and non-ferrous item, 3 position switch for...

৳ 1,600
1 day ago
Super Scann Security Metal Detector

Super scann security metal detector detects from 25 paisa to higher. 6 months warranty. Made in Korea.

৳ 5,500
19 hours ago
Garrett 1165180 Automatic Re-Tuning Hand Held Metal Detector

Garrett 1165180 hand held security metal detector device has automatic re-tuning function, red LED indicator, alarming...

৳ 1,700
18 hours ago
Hand Held Super Scanner Security Metal Detector MD-3003B1

Hand held super scanner metal detector MD-3003B1 has medium sized pistol detecting technology from 9 inch distance /...

৳ 22,500
2 days ago
Secuplus V160 Ultra-Hi Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector

Secuplus V-160 handheld metal detector has ultra high sensitivity, sound / light and vibration alarm, dedicated 7.4V...

৳ 9,500
25 days ago
Garrett Super Wand Handheld Auto Tuning Metal Detector

Garrett super wand handheld auto tuning metal detector has detects ferrous / non ferrous / stainless steel weapons...