Garrett Metal Detector

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৳ 365,000
21 hours ago
Garrett PD6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector Archway Gate

Garrett PD6500i enhanced pinpoint walk-through metal detector archway gate has 33 pinpoint zones, more than 20 standard...

৳ 9,500
21 hours ago
Garrett Super Wand Handheld Auto Tuning Metal Detector

Garrett super wand handheld auto tuning metal detector has detects ferrous / non ferrous / stainless steel weapons...

৳ 2,700
1 day ago
Garrett Super Scanner 1165180 Hand Held Metal Detector Pro

Garrett supper scanner 1165180 hand held metal detector pro detects metal hand gun from 23 cm, knives from 15 cm, rear...

৳ 545,000
1 day ago
Garrett PD 6500i Touch Control Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector has over 20 application programs included, up to 200 metal detector...

৳ 1,500
21 hours ago
Garrett Super 1 Switch Operation Handheld Metal Scanner

Garrett super handheld metal scanner has superb sensitivity, simple one switch operation, large 10 inch scan surface...

৳ 160,000
4 months ago
Garrett PD 6500i Walk Through 33-Zone Metal Detector

Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels, 33 independent zones, LCD display, over 20 application programs included, alarm...

৳ 550,000
4 months ago
Garrett PD 6500i 33-Zones LED Bar Graph Archway Gate

Garrett PD 6500i archway metal detector gate has up to 33 detect zones, over 20 application programs, LED bar graph, up...

৳ 2,500
5 months ago
Garrett 1165180 Automatic Re-Tuning Hand Held Metal Detector

Automatic re-tuning function, red LED indicator, alarming system, 23 centimeter hand gun detecting function, 15...