Projector Screen Price in Bangladesh

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Since the invention of the projector, the projector screen has been used to use the projector anywhere. A projector screen is basically a white screen that displays the projected image of the projector for the audience to see. Projector screens are used in various offices and educational institutions to make presentations and watch educational videos. Moreover, projector screens are used to watch entertainment videos and football world cup games on the big screen. Currently, various sizes and types of projector screens are available in Bangladesh at affordable prices.

What is the price of projector screen in Bangladesh?

Projector screen price in Bangladesh starts from TK 3,000 which is a tripod-type projector screen and size is 60 inch x 60 inch. Moreover, Ceiling Manual Screen price starts from TK 3,500 which size is 70 inch x 70 inch and suitable for indoor use. On the other hand, the price of an electric projector screen starts from TK 7,500 with a size of 70 inches x 70 inches. However, the price of projector screen in BD tends to increase based on its size. And, currently 60 inch x 60 inch, 70 inch x 70 inch, 96 inch x 96 inch, 90 inch x 120 inch, and 108 inch x 144 inch projector screens are available in Bangladesh.

How many type of projector screen available in Bangladesh?

There are several types of projector screens available in the Bangladeshi market based on the usage process and technology. Types of projector screen and process of use are discussed in detail:

Manual Projector Screen: The manual projector screen is folded in a rotating position in a shell which the user can set as required by manually pulling the white screen up and down from the shell. Due to the relatively low cost of manual projector screens, manual projector screens are widely used in offices and educational institutions. Manual projector screens can be easily set up on ceilings and walls in specific areas.

Electric Projector Screen: Electric projector screen can be easily raised and lowered as per requirement with the help of a remote control system. And, electric projector screens are folded into rotating shell-like manual projector screens. This projector screen can be set up on the ceiling, wall, and floor of certain spaces. Electric screens are very attractive to look at, perfect for formal presentation rooms and home theaters. Nowadays, electric projector screen is widely used to give a professional look to presentation rooms in offices and educational institutions.

Tripod Projector Screen: Tripod projector screens are manually set up on a tripod stand anywhere. These projector screens are very light so these can be easily carried anywhere. Hence, tripod projector screen has become known as portable projector screen worldwide. Even, multiple tripod projector screens can be set up in open fields for large meetings and watching World Cup football matches.

Fixed Projector Screens: Fixed projector screens cannot be repositioned once these are set up in a fixed location. These screens are commonly used in home theaters, theaters, sports stadiums, and large open spaces where video will be enjoyed regularly. Fixed projector screen is relatively expensive.

Projector Screen Paint: Projector screen paint is used as an alternative to projector screen by painting certain walls white and used as a projector screen. A projector screen can be made with relatively low-cost projector screen paint.

Also, digital projector screen is available in Bangladesh to enjoy 4K and 8K videos. This projector screen quality is better than normal white screen. However, digital projector screen price is relatively high.

What to look for before buying a projector screen?

There are some things to consider before buying a projector screen based on space and ease of use.

  • Projectors should be selected based on indoor and outdoor use. Manual, electric, fixed projector screen, and projector screen paint are best for indoors. And for outdoors, tripod projector screens, fixed projector screens, and projector screen paints can be used.
  • The projector screen size should be selected based on the projection capability of the projector. Also, the projector screen needs to be purchased based on the location of the projector setup, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Projection rooms in offices and educational institutions should choose manual or electric projector screens based on interior design.
  • Verify that the projector screen is displaying the correct resolution video as required.
  • The projector screen should be selected keeping in mind the budget.

How to set up projector screen?

Projected video can be enjoyed comfortably with the projector by properly setting up the projector screen. Projection in the correct frame is not possible if the projector screen is placed too far or too close to the specified location of the projector. So, here are some tips for projector screen setup:

Step 1: Select the right location. Places that do not directly reflect sunlight or room lights should be selected for the projector screen. So that the projected image of the projector is displayed correctly.

Step 2: Set up the projector shell at the preferred location. When using a manual or electric projector screen, the projector shell must be mounted on the ceiling or wall. And, in the case of tripod projector screen, the tripod must be opened and placed in a certain place.

Step 3: Set up the main projector screen according to the space of the room. In the case of a manual projector screen, it has to be manually pulled to one side or in the case of an electric projector, it has to be setup up and down with the help of a remote.

Step 4: Turn on the projector and move it to the specified distance to see if the video resolution is correct. And complete the projector setup at the specified distance. Finally, enjoy the video on the projector screen by adjusting the horizontal and vertical lens shift of the projector.