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High-rise buildings have lifts for lifting, also known as elevator in Bangladesh. This has made city life a lot easier because those whose homes are on 5-6 floors always find it difficult to climb the stairs. Not only is the elevator used in the home but now different types of elevators are used in different places. Different brands of elevators are available in Bangladesh for 4 people, 6 people, 8 people, 10 people or more. Apart from different brands, our domestic brands are very popular for their low prices. Due to the low price of elevators in Bangladesh, the use of elevators in high-rise buildings is seen to a greater extent.

How to get a proper lift?

1. Before buying a lift, you should be sure about how many people the lift will be used for. Not knowing this puts you at risk of becoming overweight. Again, if you buy a lift with more than the required weight capacity, the price will be much higher and the electricity consumption will be higher.

2. You have to know about the elevator cabin very well. There are many differences between commercial elevators and residential elevator cabins, so take a look at the elevator cabin to find out which elevator you will be using.

3. The traction motor is important for the movement of the elevator. This traction motor must be well selected. If the traction motor is good, the lift will last for a long time.

4. Elevator doors require a special device to open and close. Its name is Door Operator. It is better to check if the door operator has a high quality sensor.

5. If you take an elevator for a garage, you have to check how many cars can be taken up and down at the same time. Also need to know about the weight of the car.

6. Be sure to find out about the sales service from the dealer. A lift in Bangladesh usually comes with a 1-5 year service warranty.

7. Check if the lift has a safety rating or safety certificate. And if it is a popular brand, it will be much easier to choose. However, some Chinese brands of elevators provide good service in Bangladesh and their prices are relatively low.

8. Know the maximum floor the elevator can go up because it has a maximum limit so it can be useful later if needed.

What is the price of lift in Bangladesh?

The price of lift in Bangladesh is Tk 12,00,000 but there are cheaper lifts available. This lift is fully protected from water and dirt and has many features including auto stop system. Elevators with excellent interior design are very cheap nowadays. But the price of the lift depends on its capacity and beautiful design.

How many Kg lift is needed for 4 people?

450kg lift is enough for 4 people. The use of this lift is seen more in 5th to 7th floor buildings. The price of a 4-person lift in Bangladesh can be found within Tk 1,000,000. These lifts have very nice lighting system. Its interior design gives a luxurious feel.

How many people can carry a 600 kg lift?

600 kg lift ideal for 6 people. This elevator is used in most of the residential buildings in our country. The price of lift for 6 people in Bangladesh is very low around 1,290,000 Tk. Therefore, elevators for 6 people are being installed in many new apartments.

What kind of lift is needed for 8 people?

A minimum lift of 630 kg is required for 8 people. These lifts are used in buildings with more than 10 floors. 8 person elevator price in Bangladesh is very affordable along with many other features including over speed controller and hydraulic buffer system. Depending on the design and quality, it can be found in Bangladesh between Tk 13 to 30 lakhs.