Safety Goggles

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৳ 550
moment ago
Anti-Splash Transparent Safety Goggles

Anti-splash impact-resistant work safety protective glasses, adjustable belt, safety glass can resist acid / chemical /...

৳ 599
5 days ago
Mallcom Agena Polycarbonate Safety Goggles

Clear polycarbonate glasses designed to provide clear vision, flexible PVC frame, stainless steel screw, UV protective...

৳ 250
15 days ago
Full Face Shield Direct Splash Protection

Flexible to fit and very comfortable to wear for inside foam, top and side or front face protection with an elastic...

৳ 250
moment ago
Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles

This safety glass can resist acid, chemical, dust, splash and has a high-impact polycarbonate lens to protect against...

৳ 220
15 days ago
Polycarbonate Lens Splash Safety Goggles

Wide space and suitable for various head circumference, good visual effect, UV blocking, help to protect against liquid...

৳ 120
moment ago
Medical Face Shield

Flexible to fit and very comfortable to wear for inside foam, wrap-around design, top and side or front face protection.

৳ 330
moment ago
Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Clear Lens Safety Goggle

Goggles usually protect the eyes from chemical germ and dust, polycarbonate clear lens, good visual effect,...

৳ 350
15 days ago
Anti-Fog Clear Lens Safety Goggles

Wide space and suitable for various head circumference, adjustable head belt, help to protect against liquid / dust /...

৳ 99
3 days ago
Face Shield Full Face Protective

Eye protective and sponge face elastic comforted face shield, PET + sponge material, wrap-around design, top and side...

৳ 400
1 day ago
Elastic Ribbon Safety Goggles

Protect your eye from any kind of virus / dust and debris.

৳ 150
3 days ago
Eye Protective Glass with Adjustable Length

Ergonomic design, 2.0 to 2.3mm glass thickness, transmit light up to 99.9%, military wind / dust / fog / sand...

৳ 570
20 days ago
Anti-Fog Design Safety Goggles

High polymer reinforced lens, anti-impact, anti scratch, anti fog, anti spatter, made of environmental friendly...

৳ 300
1 day ago
Full Face Shield Headband Splash Protection

Sponge headband for easy support during the movement and feel comfortable in any condition, elastic band will make sure...

৳ 850
17 days ago
Unicare Safety Goggles

Wide vision design, optimum fit, prescription eye ware, wrap around modern style, panoramic vision, anti scratch and...

৳ 450
17 days ago
Medical Polycarbonate Lens Protective Goggles

Adjustable head belt, It has wide space and suitable for various head circumference, polycarbonate lens, good visual...

৳ 1,690
3 days ago
Obaolay Anti-Fog Transparent Safety Goggles

Anti-scratch / impact / anti-splash / dust-proof / wind-proof / prevent wind and sand in hazardous environment,...

৳ 150
15 days ago
Adjustable Headband Full Face Shield

The elastic band will make sure to fit in every head, anti-fog and anti droplets for protection, made in China, CE...

৳ 199
3 days ago
Sunglass Holder Face Protective Shield

Transparent face shield and clear anti dust protective with full face sunglass holder.

৳ 470
3 months ago
Unicare OTS Anti Fog Glass Heavy Duty Inclination System

Unicare OTS anti fog glass has integral and lateral protection, heavy duty anti fog glass inclination system, anti...

৳ 350
5 days ago
Emergency Safety Goggles

Lightweight, adjustable strap, protects your eyes from dangerous dust / debris, ideal use of chemical or spray disaster...