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Drone Buying in Bangladesh

Drone is a radio-controlled aircraft specially designed for amusement. Some drones can record live video while flying and can transmit it to the controller in real-time. These aircraft are sometimes called quadcopter. Recently, the government of Bangladesh has allowed the flying of drone, but before buying or flying a drone, one should know about the Bangladesh Drone Law.

What Buy Drone?

1. Entertainment: Toy drone is available in Bangladesh which are mainly used for entertainment. Hence, toy drone can be purchased for the entertainment of the entire family, young or old.

2. Photography: Drone helps capture interesting images and videos for aerial videography, cinematography, real estate business, event coverage, and landscape photography.

3. Surveillance: Drone camera plays a very effective role in enhancing surveillance of security issues.

4.  Rescue Operation: In search and rescue operations in remote or dangerous locations, drones help rescue operations by covering large areas as well as providing real-time video feed, thermal imaging, and GPS tracking.

5. Environmental Research: Using drone helps in monitoring environmental conditions such as air, water quality and wildlife population. Which plays a helpful role in environmental research and conservation.

6. Agricultural Research: Drone helps monitor crop health, past conditions, irrigation or pest or pesticide needs, etc.

7. Disaster Management: Drone plays an effective role in monitoring damage caused by natural disasters and identifying affected areas.

8. Package Delivery: Drone can be effectively used in logistics support like package delivery in remote areas or remote locations.

9. Monitoring Dangerous Places: Increasing use of drone in monitoring dangerous places like nuclear power plants, and chemical industries has reduced the risk of workers' work to a great extent.

What to consider before buying drone?

Drone Regulation:

Check local laws, registration, and flight restrictions before purchasing a drone.

Purpose of use:

Drone should be purchased for recreational, security, or professional photography and videography purposes, which will be ideal for use.

Battery and fly time:

Besides checking the charging time of the battery, and whether extra batteries are included with the package, you need to know how long you can fly on a single charge.

Drone configuration:

Other specifications of the drone camera should be checked, including resolution, image stabilization, and video capabilities, which will help in taking good pictures or videography.

Control Range:

Before buying a drone, check the control range and signal strength of the drone to ensure that it can operate at the required distance and in any environment.

GPS and Navigation System:

It should be verified that the chosen drone has GPS, Obstacle Avoidance System, and other navigation systems in place. Which will help in conducting safe and stable flights.

Drone size:

When buying a drone, one should consider the size, weight, and portability of the drone which can be conveniently carried on the trip.

Controller Type:

Controller type, layout, functionality, user interface, etc. should be checked.

Spare parts:

It should be checked whether the spare parts of the drone will be easy to obtain as well as easy to maintain and repair.


It should be checked whether the drone of choice meets the required specifications, performance, and quality as per the budget.

What size Drone to buy?

Most drones are in standard size but some drones are designed in small size so that it fits in your hand. But its quality and performance are usual and can perform similar to full-size drone. However, there is another type of small drone which is called a toy drone but this is different from mini drone.

What kind of Drone is available for professional use?

At present, cinematography and videography by drones have started to become quite popular in Bangladesh. Generally, the flight time, speed, control distance, and camera megapixels of a professional drone are comparatively higher. As a result, it is possible to capture high-resolution video over a longer period of time using a professional drone. Moreover, professional drone price in Bangladesh is relatively high.

How high can a drone fly?

A videography drone can fly at a maximum altitude of 1,200 feet depending on the model. On the other hand, some commercial drone models can fly as high as 2,200 feet. However, only videography drone that can fly at a maximum height of 500 feet is approved for public use in Bangladesh.

What is the maximum time a Drone can fly?

The flight time of the drone is determined based on its battery capacity and structure. A good quality drone for videography can usually fly in the air for 30 to 50 minutes. However, the cost of these drones is relatively high. Also, a videography drone is available in Bangladesh between Tk 5,000 to Tk 7,000 that can fly in the sky for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes. Moreover, the toy drone available in Bangladesh can fly in the air for 5 to 10 minutes and is usually priced between Tk 2,000 to Tk 3,000.

Can Drone record audio?

Most drone can only record video. However, it is possible to record audio by attaching a separate microphone to the drone. In that case, the noise of the drone's motor and fan will be recorded in addition to the surrounding sound being recorded. Moreover, some expensive drone has built-in microphone along with the advanced camera.

What sensors do Drone usually have?

The drone mainly includes an accelerometer, tilt sensor, current sensor, magnetic sensor, engine intake flow sensor, and inertial measurement unit. Without these sensors, a drone cannot fly properly. Moreover, depending on the drone model, different sensors are added as per requirement.

Does Drone have GPS?

Most of the drone available in Bangladesh has GPS. The special advantage of drone with GPS is that when clicking the auto return button on the remote, the drone returns to the remote's location. However, toy drone does not include this facility. Moreover, drone with GPS can be procured from the Bangladesh market for between Tk 5,000 to Tk 10,000.

Can the Drone's fan be replaced if damaged?

Most drone includes spare propellers so that if the drone's propeller breaks or gets damaged, it can be easily replaced. Moreover, in the case of an expensive drone, its propellers can be repaired. Therefore, one should check if the drone includes extra propellers. And, before buying a drone, you should see if the fan of this particular model of drone is available to buy separately in the drone market of Bangladesh.

Is Drone usually waterproof?

The drone is usually not waterproof. Some drones may only be splashproof but not completely waterproof. Moreover, there are special waterproof drones that can land on water and even move like a boat on water. However, such waterproof drone is very expensive and generally rare in Bangladesh.

Do all Drones have camera?

Some drones come without a camera, but if needed, a drone camera can be purchased separately and added to the drone. Moreover, most drone have built-in camera with different resolution depending on the model. However, 4K drone is now becoming the standard in Bangladesh because these can capture very nice videos in high resolution and is often available at low price.

What brands of drone is popular in Bangladesh?

According to customer demand, the demand for different brands of drones in the Bangladesh market has increased to a great extent. Currently, popular brands including DJI, Xiaomi, XIAOKEKE, F9, HURC, Fimi, and Dahua, as well as China-brand drone, is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. BD also has a variety of high-powered and advanced configuration drones, including toy drones, mini drones, and 4K drones. Besides, the popular online marketplace has a wide range of drone of different brands and models available so that the drone of the desired brand can be procured within a certain time frame according to the budget.

How much is the price of Drone in Bangladesh?

Drone Price in Bangladesh starts from 2,000 Taka without camera and the price mainly depends on the drone build quality, drone engine power, flying time and specially the camera quality. The price of camera drone in Bangladesh starts from 4,000 Taka and you can capture aerial views with these which will be very pleasing for you and your family. The good quality drone may cost up to 150,000 Taka in Bangladesh for the famous brand whose videos are great and can be used for professional aerial photography. You can buy drone from at the cheapest price by comparing the price from multiple sellers in Bangladesh.

Drone Law in Bangladesh

1. Recreational drones weighing less than 5 Kg do not require a permit to fly in Bangladesh. And, there is no age limit to fly this drone. However, recreational drones cannot be flown above 500 feet.

2. Drones can be flown up to a maximum height of 50 feet within 3 to 5 km of the airport area of Bangladesh. And, it can fly up to 100 feet height at a distance of 5 km from the airport. Moreover, flying drones within 3 km of the airport area is banned.

3. In Bangladesh, permission is required from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh or CAAB to shoot television or documentary videos by drones weighing more than 5 kg.

4. Permission from the Ministry of Defense is required to fly drones weighing more than 7 kg in Bangladesh.

5. Currently, the use of drones for commercial purposes is banned in Bangladesh.

6. Avoid flying drones in any restricted areas. If there is a need to fly a drone in a restricted area for any reason, permission must be obtained from the specific authority.

7. Also, flying drones in prohibited areas, Airports / KPI / special KPI, and hazardous areas is banned by the Government of Bangladesh.

Best Drone Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best drone list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best drone list has been created based on the interest for drone buyers of BD Stall.

Drone Model Price in BD
E99 RC Drone With 4K Dual Camera ৳ 5,500
998 Pro 4K Dual Camera Drone ৳ 6,850
God of War CD1804 Drone ৳ 5,850
DM107S Full HD Camera Stable Drone ৳ 6,350
E88 MAX 4K Wi-Fi Dual Camera Drone ৳ 10,400
K109 Wi-Fi Control FPV Mini Drone ৳ 7,000
DJ2 WIFI FPV Dual Camera Drone ৳ 5,000
F189 Pro Drone ৳ 9,500
E88 WiFi 4K Drone ৳ 8,950
RS537 RC 4K Drone with Dual Camera ৳ 7,950