Drone Price in Bangladesh 2022

Drone is a radio-controlled aircraft specially designed for amusement. Some drones can record live video while flying and can transmit it to the controller in realtime. These aircraft sometimes called as quadcopter.

Drone Camera:

Some drones come without camera and you can buy the drone camera separately. HD drone camera is more common and usually comes in cheaper version. 4K drone is now becoming the standard as it can takes stunning pictures in real time.

Drone Size:

Most drones are in standard size but some drones are designed in small size so that it fits in your hand. But its quality and performance are usual and can perform similar to full-size drone. However, there is another type of small drone which is called toy drone but this is different from mini drone.

Drone Budget:

The price of a drone usually depends on the quality of the drone camera, the speed of the drone and various other features. The minimum price of a drone in Bangladesh is around Taka 1,799. The price of camera drones in Bangladesh starts from Taka 4,000 and you can capture aerial views with these which will be very pleasing for you and your family. However, a professional drone with a high quality camera costs between, 25,000 Taka and 150,000 Taka whose videos are great and can be used for professional aerial photography.

Drone Law:

Drone that does not fly over 500 feet do not require any permission. Children can fly the toy drone but for flying mini & full-size drone supervision is required for kids.