Weight Scale Machine

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2 days ago
Mini Digital Electronic Hanging Scale

Portable electronic hanging scale, LED display, 10 grams to 50Kg weight measurement range, automatic power-off...

৳ 12,500
3 days ago
Digital Electronic Precision Weighting Balance

Large LCD display, auto zero tracking, 600g maximum weight, 0.01g accuracy, unit g / oz / lb / dwt / ozt / ct / tlt /...

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3 days ago
Digital Weight Scale 5gm to 30kg

Model- As-c6 digital scale Standard, Max.Cap- 30 Kg, Mini.Cap- 5g, Pan size- 8.5"-10.5",

৳ 750
20 days ago
Universal Digital SF-400 5-Kg Electronic Kitchen Scale

Universal digital SF-400 electronic kitchen scale has 5 kg weight capacity, 0.001 kg accuracy, auto zero-on and power...

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16 days ago
GSM Weighing Scale

GSM weighing scale are used everywhere like in all garment industry for weighing fabric or yarn. Our product is...

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22 hours ago
Digital Glass Body Transparent Weight Machine

Low battery and overload indicator, 2.5 to 180 kg weight range, transparent glass body.

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9 hours ago
Digital Human Bathroom Scale Machine

Temperature works from 10 to 35 degrees, 4 to 180 Kg weight capacity, 4 digit LCD display, 3V AA battery, automatic...

৳ 12,000
11 days ago
Tscale KW Electronic Weight Indicator

White LED backlight, 24mm digit LCD display, 7 membrane keys, ABS plastic indicator, function include units conversion...

৳ 24,000
23 hours ago
Shinko RS232 Electronic GSM Balance with Built-in Sensor

Shinko RS232 electronic balance has 0.005 to 210 g capacity, up to 21000 gsm, built-in turking fork style sensor, long...

৳ 8,500
3 days ago
GSM Weight Balance

GSM weight balance, origin-china, weight capchity-300gm One year warranty

৳ 12,500
3 days ago
DigiScale DS603C Pcs Counting Weight Scale

Dual LCD display, 280 x 215 mm platform, 0.2g accuracy, auto zero tracking, full tare subtraction, automatic overload...

৳ 18,500
11 days ago
T-Scale 20g to 200Kg Digital Weighing Machine

LCD display with white LED backlight, 200Kg maxumim weight, 20g minimum weight, 24mm digit, 7 keys membrane keyboard,...

৳ 8,500
11 days ago
Digital Fusing Bond Hang Up Tester

10 Kg maximum capacity for hang up testing.

৳ 10,500
3 days ago
Digital platform wight scale 150kg

Digital platform scales Model- mega plate from Maximum capacity- 150kg Minimum capacity- 20gm

৳ 35,000
11 days ago
Ramp Impex Beesley Balance

Manual use, blue color, count of yarn defined number indicating weight, direct system, sample preparation using...

৳ 24,500
11 days ago
Digital T-Scale 50g to 300Kg Weight Machine

LCD display with white LED backlight, 50g minimum weight, 300Kg maxumim weight, 500 x 600mm platform size, 20g...

৳ 2,500
11 days ago
Digital FEM 300 Pocket Scale

LCD display, 300g maximum weight, 0.01g minimum weight, 0.01g accuracy, 2 x AAA battery power supply, g / ct / oz / dwt...

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3 days ago
Mega Digital weight scales 200gm to 1000 Kg.

Maximum weight-1000kg, minimum weight-200gm, accuracy-50gm,platform size-24''X32''

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3 days ago
Digiscale DS671SS Precision Balance 0.01g to 3000g

Backlight display, 0.01g accuracy, g / oz / lb / dwt / ozt / ct / tlt / tlh / tlj / gn / dr / mm / tola / gsm / T/A/R /...

৳ 6,500
11 days ago
AND EK-H High Accuracy Series Balance

Capacity and toploading balance, 0.01g accuracy, g / gsm / tr / tola weight mode, 300g maximum weight, 0.05g minimum...