Electronic Weighing Machine

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6 hours ago
Digital Weight Scale 5gm to 30kg

Model- As-c6 digital scale Standard, Max.Cap- 30 Kg, Mini.Cap- 5g, Pan size- 8.5"-10.5",

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6 days ago
T-Scale KW-4050 200KG Max Capacity Digital Weight Scale

T-scale KW-4050 digital weight scale has 5g to 200 Kg capacity, 16.5mm digit LCD display with white LED backlight, 7...

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6 hours ago
H-AND Digital Balance GSM Measure

H-AND digital balance GSM measure. Measures 0.01g~600g linearity 0.01g with calibration weight, display intensity...

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2 days ago
Healthscale Bathroom Scale Full Metal Body

Healthscale bathroom scale has full metal body.

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6 hours ago
Mega Digital Weight Scales 50gm to 500 Kg.

Maximum weight-500kg,Minimum weight-200gm,Accuracy-50gm,platefrom size-24''X32''

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6 hours ago
Digital Platform 150 Kg Industrial Weight Scale Machine

Digital platform industrial weight scale machine upto 150 Kg, D=10g for upto 150 Kg.

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6 hours ago
Semsung SAI-C-100H Digital Chicken Weight Scale

Semsung SAI-C-100H digital chicken weight scale has 400 x 400 mm platform, maximum weight 100kg, minimum weight 100g,...

৳ 65,000
6 days ago
T-Scale TF-1515 5-Ton Floor Type Digital Weight Scale

T-Scale TF-1515 floor type digital weight scale has 5 ton weight capacity, 16.5 mm LCD display with white LED...

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3 days ago
Digital 50 Kg Capacity Hanging Weight Scale

Digital hanging weight scale has 50 Kg weight capacity, kg / lb / jin / oz units, blue backlight, LCD display, 2 x AAA...

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6 hours ago
Mega Digital weight scales 200gm to 1000 Kg.

Maximum weight-1000kg, minimum weight-200gm, accuracy-50gm,platform size-24''X32''