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Weight instruments are one of the daily necessities. Its use is increasing day by day. Its use is being used everywhere starting from small grocery stores to industries. However, different types of weighing instruments are used according to the type of work. There are currently two types of weighing instruments used, the analog scale and the digital scale.

Analog scale:

Although the use of analog scales is declining day by day, in some cases such as to measure the density or frequency of objects, analog scales are used in epidemiological work and clinical research. The analog scale does not give any output directly through numbers but expresses the results of output or weight measurement through a specific indicator. The analog scale has no well-defined range.

Digital scale:

Technology has changed a lot over time. Digital scales can be used to determine the weight of very small and very large objects in a very short time. The digital weight scale varies according to the type of work.

Personal Scale: Personal scale is also called man scale, bathroom scale, body weight scale. It measurs the weight of a body from child to adult. These type of scale is somewhat accurate.

Analytical Balance: Analytical balance scale is a special type of weight measuring instrument that can be used to measure the weight of very fine objects. It is measured in an airless place so that it is not affected by outside weather or dust. This type of weighing device is used in goldsmith shops, science laboratories.

Hanging scale: A hanging scale is used to measure an object at the top or hanging. This type of scale is usually used in small quantities in laboratories, medical, industrial.

Kitchen scale: The scales that are used to measure different ingredients in the kitchen are called kitchen scales. Using this scale for cooking will not ruin any furniture separately. This will save a lot of time.

Floor scale: Floor scales are used to measure the weight of objects that cannot be lifted by hand. These types of scales are used in large industrial factories and warehouses.