Oxygen Meter

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৳ 20,000
13 days ago
Hach OX-2P Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit

Hach OX-2P dissolved oxygen test kit can test low dissolved oxygen level to indicate water pollution, test kit checks...

৳ 16,500
19 hours ago
Dissolved Do-5509 Pocket Oxygen Meter

Dissolved Do-5509 is a digital oxygen meter with 13 mm LCD display, 0 to 20.0 mg/L measurement range, 0.1 mg/L...

৳ 68,000
5 days ago
Clean DO500 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Clean PH500 pH / mV meter has LCD display with high luminant backlight, mg/L or % unit display, up to 3 points...

৳ 130,000
13 days ago
Lovibond SD 400 OXI Oxygen Meter

Highest / reproducible precision with interference filter, display with background lighting, up to 120 pre-programmed...

৳ 150,000
4 months ago
Hach DRB-200 COD Digital Reactor Block Oxygen Test Kit

Hach DRB-200 COD digital reactor block oxygen test kit digests up to 15 samples simultaneously. This oxygen test kit...

৳ 20,000
4 months ago
Lutron PDO 519 Water Resistance Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Lutron PDO 519 dissolved oxygen meter has automatic temperature compensation, all in one, data hold, record, IP-67...

৳ 24,500
5 months ago
Trans HD3030 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Store up to 99 memory with date and time records, allow night visibility, backlit display, dual DO and temperature...

৳ 58,000
5 months ago
Clean DO500 Auto Power Off Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Occupy less place, simple operation, easy-to-read LCD display with high luminant backlight, mg/L or % unit display, one...

৳ 16,500
5 months ago
Clean DO30 Large LCD IP67 Rated Dissolved Oxygen Tester

Clean DO30 waterproof dissolved oxygen meter has large LCD back light, automatically compensates salinity, waterproof...

৳ 14,500
5 months ago
Lutron DO-5509 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Lutron DO-5509 portable dissolved oxygen meter has 13 mm LCD display, 3 1/2 digits, 0 to 20.0 mg/L measurement range,...