Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter Price in Bangladesh

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DO Meter Buying in Bangladesh

A dissolved oxygen meter is a device used to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water. Dissolved oxygen meter in BD is commonly known as DO meters. This type of meter is widely used in Bangladesh mainly in aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and laboratory research as well as other industries. Currently, DO meter has popular bands including Hatch, Hana, Lutron, and YSI in BD. Moreover, DO meter has gained wide popularity in BD as they provide effective and accurate information on fish growth, survival, oxygen levels in tank aeration for water waste disposal, and oxygen utilization rates of microorganisms in the laboratory.

What type of DO meter is available in Bangladesh?

DO meter is generally of different type depending on the specific application and requirements. Among them, the notable types are:

Polarographic DO Meter: This type of DO meter uses a polarographic sensor to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen. Polarographic DO meters require regular calibration and maintenance to obtain accurate and reliable data.

Galvanic DO Meter: Galvanic DO meters use a sensor with two electrodes that are essentially separated by a membrane. This type of DO meter is easy to use and has low sensor durability.

Optical DO Meter: Optical DO meter is developed by combining luminescent sensor. The amount of light emitted in the presence of oxygen is a measure of the concentration of dissolved oxygen. Currently, optical DO meters in BD tend to cost more than polarographic or galvanic DO meters.

Clark-type DO meter: Clark-type DO meter is made with a sensor consisting of platinum cathode and silver anode. which requires regular calibration and maintenance for accurate and reliable quantification.

Amperometric DO Meter: Amperometric DO meter basically uses a sensor consisting of working electrode and reference electrode. This type of DO meter provides accurate and reliable measurements. However, currently, the price of amperometric DO meters is relatively high compared to other types of DO meters in Bangladesh.

What is the advantage of dissolved oxygen meter?

Dissolved oxygen meter is very important device for measuring dissolved oxygen level in water. Which plays an important role in various industries and environmental monitoring in Bangladesh. Advantages of using DO meter:

  • DO meters provide accurate and reliable measurements of dissolved oxygen levels in water.
  • Provides accurate measurements of oxygen in aquaculture, wastewater treatment and laboratory testing.
  • Dissolved oxygen meters are quick and easy to use, allowing for quick readings in the laboratory as well as industrial applications.
  • No change or contamination occurs in the sample solution during the test in the DO meter.
  • Dissolved oxygen meters can be used to measure dissolved oxygen levels in a wide range of water samples, including freshwater, seawater, and wastewater.
  • DO meter is available at relatively low cost in BD compared to other analytical devices. which can be used as a cost-effective alternative for small businesses, laboratory research, and environmental monitoring.

How to use DO meter?

The steps to use vary depending on the model and type available in Bangladesh for using a DO meter. Moreover, it is important to use a DO meter with the correct sensor to ensure accurate and consistent measurements. Steps to follow to use Dissolved Oxygen Meter:

Proper Calibration: The DO meter must first be calibrated before use. This will ensure that the meter is providing accurate measurements.

Sample Preparation: Then the sample water should be stored in a clean container. If there is any debris or particles in the water, the water sample should be filtered before testing with a DO meter.

Sensor Preparation: Then the sensor should be prepared by turning on the DO meter. This is because the sensor must be soaked in the sample solution afterward.

Measurement Verification: Immerse the sensor in the sample solution and wait until the reading stabilizes. DO meter usually expresses the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water in units of mg/L or ppm.

Sampling Data Record: Relevant information about the location and time of measurement should be recorded along with the sample solution.

Cleanup: After use, the sensor should be washed with plain water and stored.

How much does a dissolved oxygen meter cost?

Dissolved oxygen meter price in Bangladesh vary depending on the model, brand, and features. Entry-level typical DO meter in BD starts at TK 11,000 with basic probe interface, HD backlit display, less than 30 second response time, and operating temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Also, mid-range DO meter price starts at TK 25,000 and is usually equipped with digital meters, data logging, automatic calibration, water resistance, and high-temperature capability. Also, high-end DO meter in Bangladesh starts from Tk 80,000 which is mainly developed in research laboratories with advanced designs with high accuracy.

What to look for before buying a dissolved oxygen meter?

It is very important to check the model and manufacturer according to specific needs and requirements when purchasing a DO meter. However, important things to check while buying a dissolved oxygen meter are:

1. Measuring Range: The measuring range of the DO meter should be verified with the dissolved oxygen concentration range. Because the measuring range of dissolved oxygen meter varies depending on the type and model in BD.

2. Accuracy: The accuracy of the DO meter is very important for reliable measurements. Moreover, a dissolved oxygen meter with a high level of accuracy should be selected, giving an error of less than 5%.

3. Response Time: The response time of a dissolved oxygen meter is the time it takes for the oxygen to reach a steady state reading. Because fast response time can be important for DO meters where dissolved oxygen levels change rapidly.

4. Sensor Types: DO meters with different types of DO sensors are available in Bangladesh including polarographic, galvanic, and optical sensors. Hence, each type has its own advantages and limitations, so selecting the appropriate sensor type for the specific task is required.

5. Durability: Durability of DO meters and sensors is a very important factor to consider depending on the scope of work. So before buying a dissolved meter in BD, one must check for ruggedness, humidity as well as temperature tolerance.

6. Ease of use: Dissolved oxygen meters should be checked for user-friendly interface Because a DO meter with simple and accurate measurement capability will save the user time as well as reduce the chance of error to a great extent.

7. Price Consideration: Prices vary depending on the features and capabilities of DO meter in Bangladesh. So before buying a dissolved oxygen meter, one should choose a budget-compatible DO meter that will meet the needs of the user within the budget.

What is the price of dissolved oxygen meter with smart sensor?

The price of dissolved oxygen meter with smart sensor varies depending on the specific model and type. The price of DO meter with smart sensor in Bangladesh starts from Tk 41,000, which has advanced features like data logging, automatic calibration, and Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices or computers.