Fingerprint Scanner Price in Bangladesh

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Fingerprint Scanner Buying in Bangladesh

Fingerprint scanner is a digital device that mainly provides access control to offices, industrial areas, and important installations. Also, the fingerprint scanner can be used for other security-related purposes including national identity card, and SIM registration. This type of device provides access to specific individuals by matching fingerprints previously stored in the computer system. To increase security, fingerprint scanner has gained great popularity in various corporate offices, government offices, and personal devices to increase security in Bangladesh. Currently, popular brands of fingerprint scanners including Virdi, ZKTecho, Futronic, SecuZen, and Morpho are available at affordable price in Bangladesh according to customer demand.

What is the benefit of using Fingerprint Scanner?

1. One of the advantages of using a fingerprint scanner is the high accuracy rate. This type of scanner usually provides about 99 percent accurate access as opposed to PIN, or password.

2. The fingerprint scanner provides a smooth authentication solution in very little time, providing access to users within seconds using just a fingerprint.

3. Users' fingerprints are never the same, so using a fingerprint scanner doesn't have the same security risks as PINs or passwords.

4. Fingerprint scanner usually has a high IP rating, and are built to be robust and attractive in design for frequent use, ensuring long-lasting use.

5. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, fingerprint scanner is available at affordable price on As a result, fingerprint scanner provide effective security measures in large-scale offices, businesses as well as small-scale office, businesses.

6. Also, some fingerprint scanner has the facility to detect fake fingerprints.

What is the price of Fingerprint Scanner in Bangladesh?

Fingerprint scanner price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 4,400, which usually has a sound indicator, beep sound, high luminance LED status indicator, and 12-volt DC power capability. Moreover, fingerprint scanner price varies depending on the brand, model, sensor technology, fingerprint scanner type, and other features.

USB Fingerprint Scanner Price

USB fingerprint scanner is compact-sized portable devices that can be easily connected to computers or mobile devices using a USB interface. USB fingerprint scanner is commonly used for personal computer security, such as locking and unlocking devices, protecting credential files and documents, and helping secure logins to various applications and websites. USB fingerprint scanner is generally suitable for small businesses and office use. USB fingerprint scanner is generally available between Tk 4,000 and Tk 6,000 in Bangladesh.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Price

Biometric fingerprint scanner is a fingerprint scanner with optical or capacitive technology that captures high-resolution fingerprints. Biometric fingerprint scanner is commonly used in access control systems, attendance systems, visitor management systems, and identity verification. Biometric fingerprint scanner is available on a budget of Tk 4,500 to Tk 16,000 in Bangladesh.

What to look for before buying Fingerprint Scanner?

Fingerprint Scanner Accuracy: When buying a fingerprint scanner, you need to check whether it can capture and identify fingerprints well. Also, choose scanners with advanced sensor technology and algorithms that deliver consistently accurate results.

System Integration: Check whether fingerprint scanner can be easily integrated with other access control systems including access control system, and time attendance software.

Security Feature: To prevent unauthorized access and tampering, verify that the fingerprint scanner has data encryption features.

Build Quality: To ensure that fingerprints are not damaged by the daily use of employees in offices or business establishments, apart from verifying the build quality of the fingerprint scanner, it is necessary to verify whether the IP rating has been completed to protect it from water and dust.

User interface: When buying a fingerprint scanner, check for proper instructions, LED indicators, audio response, and user-friendly interface.

Scanning Capacity: The scanning capacity must be checked while buying a fingerprint scanner. Moreover, the number of employees in the office or business should be considered and if the number of employees is likely to increase later, a fingerprint scanner with a higher capacity should be selected.

Budget compatibility: Budget must be considered while buying a fingerprint scanner. Also, check whether the features are compatible with the budget as per the requirements.

Best Fingerprint Scanner Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best fingerprint scanner list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best fingerprint scanner list has been created based on the interest for fingerprint scanner buyers of BD Stall.

Fingerprint Scanner Model Price in BD
Virdi EB-030 Exit Reader ৳ 4,100
ZKTeco FR1500 Fingerprint Reader ৳ 5,900
Virdi NScan-FMSE USB Fingerprint Scanner ৳ 11,000
ZKTeco ZK8500R USB Fingerprint Scanner & Card Reader ৳ 6,300
ZKTeco SLK20R USB Biometric Fingerprint Scanner ৳ 4,600
Futronic FS80 USB High Quality Fingerprint Scanner ৳ 5,950
Digital Persona URU4500B USB Biometric Fingerprint Reader ৳ 8,500
Virdi FOH02 Live Finger Identification System ৳ 15,000
Nexakey NX-2800 Fingerprint Reader ৳ 6,000
Futronic FS82 USB High Quality Fingerprint Scanner ৳ 7,800