Janamaz Price in Bangladesh

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Janamaz Buying in Bangladesh

During namaz, a Janamaz is spread on the floor and used to pray while standing on it. Janamaz is mainly used to hide the dust and sand of the place of prayer. Besides, there is no obligation of Janamaz for prayer. Currently, Janamaz of various sizes and designs are available in Bangladesh. Moreover, Janamaz can be collected from Bdstall at low cost.

What to look for before buying Janamaz?

In daily life, most Muslims in Bangladesh use Janamaz during prayer. So, before buying Janamaz, there are some things to keep in mind. A brief discussion is as follows:

Design: Presently Janamaz is available in different designs. You have to select the design of Janamaz according to your preference. However, care should be taken in choosing the design so that no Janamaz with pictures can be selected which is forbidden in Islam. Again, even if something halal is designed on Janamaz if it causes distraction in prayer, then it should be avoided. Above all, it is better to use Janamaz with simple designs without any images.

Size: Janamaz of different sizes big and small are currently available in Bangladesh. Small and large Janamaz is available to suit the age and physical size of young children to increase their interest in prayer. Therefore, as per the requirement, a certain size of Janamaz should be collected.

Quality of Cloth: Janamaz is made using different clothes. Especially Turkish and Saudi Arabia make Janamaz with a special type of cloth which is very comfortable. At present, Janamaz of various designs and fabrics made by Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other countries are available in Bangladesh. Janamaz should be selected by looking at the fabric quality according to preference.

What is the price of prayer in Bangladesh?

Currently, Janamaz price in Bangladesh starts from TK 300 to TK 400 depending on the design, size, and fabric quality. Better quality Janamaz is available between TK 500 and TK 1,000. However, the price of Turkish and Saudi Arabia-made Janamaz price starts from TK 1,400.