Walking Stick | Crutch | Price in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a populous country. Everyone from children to old people are living in this country. At some point we are all born as children but with time we all have to accept old age. It will not be wrong to say that the strength that our body has in our youth is not even half of that of the old. Elderly people become so weak that they don't even have the strength to walk properly so they use walking sticks to facilitate walking. With the help of a walking stick, old or sick people can walk very easily. Moreover, accidents are constantly happening in Bangladesh and many people are becoming temporarily or permanently crippled. They need crutches to walk. So its use in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

What is the price of walking stick or crutch in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, walking stick price 500 taka and crutch price starts at 2,000 taka, which are ideal for old people and crippled people. Moreover, the price of a walking stick or crutch depends on what it is made of and whether it has any modern features.

What kind of walking stick or crutches are available in Bangladesh?

There are many types of walking sticks or crutches available in Bangladesh. These are: normal walking stick, elbow support walking stick, medical walker crutch, digital walking stick are notable. These are becoming a favorite among sick people for their unique properties. Let's discuss their features below:

Common Walking Sticks:

Common walking sticks are made of wood or steel, but many are also made of plastic. They do not have any additional benefits. They are used for general movement.

Elbow Support Walking Stick or Elbow Crutches:

Elbow support walking stick or crutches have an additional advantage that is that the special place of keeping the elbow in it allows good balance while walking. As a result, the chance of falling behind is reduced. A special support is available for safe movement.

Medical Walker Crutches:

Medical walker crutches are a little different than other crutches. It is mostly used medically to help patients walk. Others buy for personal use. It has two wheels at the bottom and stick-like objects opposite the wheels for left-right support. It has a stick to hold on top. People who are seriously ill feel comfortable walking with it.

Digital Walking Stick:

Digital walking sticks have many advantages. It has important features like flashlight, FM radio to listen to various news, height adjustment and many other features. This digital walking stick is currently being widely used in Bangladesh. Especially the elderly feel very comfortable using it.