Gas Stove Price in Bangladesh

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Gas Stove Buying in Bangladesh

Gas stove is used for cooking around the world. Therefore, gas stove is the most essential and integral component of every home today. Currently, Media, Geepas, Rizco, Gazi, and various local brand of gas stove is available in Bangladesh. Moreover, you can collect different types and brands of gas stoves from Bdstall at low price.

How many type of gas stove is available in Bangladesh?

Different types of gas stove is available in Bangladesh as per requirement. The types of gas stove is briefly discussed:

Automatic Gas Stove: These gas stoves have an automatic ignition system so known as automatic gas stoves. Automatic gas burners can be lit by pressing or tipping a button or turning a knob, so there is no need to use a separate lighter or matchstick. These gas stoves are relatively safer due to the automatic ignition system. Automatic gas stoves have become very popular in Bangladesh these days. Automatic gas stoves generally run on all types of gas, including LPG and natural gas. Additionally, automatic gas stoves can save gas.

Manual Gas Stove: Manual gas stove is widely used in Bangladesh. A manual gas stove has to turn the knob to start the gas flow and then ignite the fire using a lighter or a matchstick. Both LPG and natural gas can be used with the manual gas stove. However, the price of manual gas stoves is comparatively less.

Also, automatic and manual stove with single burner and double burner stove is very popular. Again, some double burner stoves have an additional small burner. However, various restaurants use customized gas stoves.

What to look for before buying a gas stove?

Almost everywhere in Bangladesh cooking is done using gas stove. Both automatic and manual gas stove is used as per requirement. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a gas stove. Discussed in detail:

Burner: The most important part of a gas stove is the burner. Because the fire burns in the burner of the gas stove which is used for cooking and other tasks. And, there are some burners that can increase the temperature of the fire thereby saving gas. Therefore, gas stove with better-quality burners should be selected.

Gas Saving: Currently, the price of LPG and NG gas is increasing at a great rate, so gas-saving stoves should be selected. Automatic gas stoves are more gas efficient.

Panel: Gas stove is currently available with panel made of various materials. Especially gas stove with glass panel is more popular in Bangladesh. Also, gas stove is available in different designs. Therefore, gas stoves should be selected based on the interior environment of the kitchen.

Size: Different size of gas stove is available in proportion to the needs of the people of Bangladesh. Therefore, gas stove should be purchased in proportion to the space of the kitchen gas stove.

What is the price of gas stove in Bangladesh?

Gas stove price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,000 to TK 1,500 depending on the stove brand, number of burners, panel, and quality. Better quality automatic gas stoves are available between TK 3,000 to TK 5,000. However, better quality automatic gas stove with attractive glass panel is available under TK 10,000. Moreover, manual gas stoves are available in Bangladesh at a relatively low price.