Solar IPS / Inverter Price in Bangladesh

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Solar IPS Buying in Bangladesh

Solar inverter is an important device in home solar system package. It converts direct current into alternating current. In order to increase electricity generation, the demand for solar inverters is currently increasing in rural as well as urban areas of Bangladesh. The price of solar inverter in Bangladesh is now much lower than before.

How much price is solar IPS inverter in Bangladesh?

Solar IPS inverter price in Bangladesh starts from 15,000 Taka to more than 1 lakh Taka and it depends on how much power you need from the solar inverter and how many things you will run with it. In some cases the price also depends on the brand because the quality will be better. But now the price of solar inverter in Bangladesh is very low due to the development of technology.

Before buying a solar IPS inverter it is important to know some tips:

1. First, know which type of inverter to buy. Because it depends on what kind of device you are running. Such as sine web inverter can run all types of home appliances. Square Web Inverters may not power all devices and may generate some noise. Stepped sine web inverter will give intermediate performance of above two inverters. And it can run only computers or respectable devices. It is available in the market because of its low price.

2. Calculate how much power you need otherwise all your essential devices won't run. But it is better to take a little more than necessary because it may be necessary in future. And always consider 80 percent load then the solar inverter will serve for a long time.

3. If you need uninterrupted service, find out if the solar IPS inverter has a UPS function. In that case your device will not turn off for a moment even if the current goes out.

4. Determine the battery based on the capacity of the solar inverter. Flat panel, tubular or maintenance free batteries can be chosen. They last for 3-5 years depending on price and quality.

5. If you have children or elderly people in your home, find out if the solar inverter makes noise. Otherwise, sleep may be disturbed.

6. Find out how much charge a solar inverter needs to run on its own. If it is not energy efficient, even when the battery is fully charged, electricity will be wasted.

7. And calculate how long you need backup. Especially rural areas of Bangladesh need more backup. The way to calculate this is to calculate the voltage of the battery with the amperage of the battery and the VA of the inverter to know how long it will last.