Mirrorless Camera Price in Bangladesh

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Mirrorless cameras are a little different from other cameras. In this, light reaches the lens sensor directly, so no mirror is needed. Sony, Canon, Panasonic etc. brand mirrorless cameras are available in Bangladesh market for professional use. It is a new technology so initially the price was a bit high but now it has come down in Bangladesh.

How much does a mirrorless camera cost?

Mirrorless camera prices in Bangladesh range from Tk 38,000 to Tk 300,000 or more. This mirrorless camera has 24 to 45 megapixel image sensor, wide screen LCD display, full HD to 4K and 8K video resolution, high quality battery and many more features. Mirrorless camera prices in Bangladesh are determined based on their features.

What to look for when buying a mirrorless camera?

There are various specialty mirrorless cameras in the market of Bangladesh. However, although mirrorless cameras work in a similar way, there are some differences in terms of features. So there are a few things to consider when buying the right mirrorless camera. These are:

1. Buy a mirrorless camera based on the type of photos or videos you want to capture. A smaller and lighter mirrorless camera would be better if you want to carry the camera on a trip.

2. Better to buy a mirrorless camera that has autofocus. Because many times there is a problem in focusing, as a result of which the focus is not on time, the correct picture or video cannot be captured. But with autofocus mode, any object is automatically blurred and the subject becomes clear.

3. Many different lenses of mirrorless cameras are available in Bangladesh market. As a result, the lens can be used in a specific way for capturing specific images or videos. So it is better to buy a mirrorless camera with lens according to the type of pictures or videos you are interested in capturing as the price may vary accordingly.

4. Full HD, 4K, and 8K resolution mirrorless cameras are available in Bangladesh. So decide it according to the budget.

5. The higher the shooting speed the better as better quality video and images can be captured of any object.

6. Full frame sensor mirrorless cameras available in Bangladesh. 35mm sensor format can be chosen as it is acceptable to everyone. And cameras of this sensor size are portable. Just remember the bigger the sensor size the better.

Can sports photography be done with a mirrorless camera?

Sports photography can be done perfectly with a mirrorless camera. Because in sports photography or any other field where the subject of a photo or video is moving very quickly, it is very important to maintain focus on those subjects. Otherwise there will be no facility for capturing images or videos. In this situation, a new type of algorithm has been added to the mirrorless cameras to recognize the subject, which enables to verify the color, distance, brightness, face and eye information of a subject in real time very quickly, as a result, sports photography can be done excellently with a mirrorless camera.