Laptop Price in Bangladesh (BD) 2024

The lowest laptop price in Bangladesh is Tk 10,000 which is good for school students and less than Tk 20,000 laptop goes for general work and good quality laptop price in BD usually depends on your budget and needs which can be up to Tk 200,000. Read more

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Laptop is now everyday life component. Now-a-days, the price of laptop is much more affordable.

What type of laptop is best in Bangladesh?

Buy laptop based on your requirements and budget. At present laptop price in Bangladesh is comparatively less than before. Below are some laptop type in Bangladesh-

Student laptop: Student laptop has less powerful hardware but performs well for online class, Internet browsing, video chatting and conference, reading e-books and doing class assignments through office software. Student laptop price in BD usually low so affordable for everyone.

Professional laptop: Professional laptop usually has high configuration to run most of the complex application faster and Core i9 and SSD are one of the key features.

Business series laptop: Business laptop series is lightweight & thin and comes with up to Core i7 processor, and long battery life. Ultrabook is an example of business series laptop.

Freelancer laptop: Freelancer will depend on the type of freelancing work. If you want to run heavy applications, you need a good laptop. For lightweight work, less powerful machines can be purchased.

Gaming laptop: Gaming laptop requires more powerful hardware and Core i7 or i9 based processor is recommended. If you play games a lot or do graphics related work then gaming laptop with dedicated graphics card is required.

Used laptop: If you have a low budget then you can buy refurbished laptop instead of buying less powerful machine. In most cases, you'll get a high speed laptop. However, the brand new laptop will provide good service for many years and comes with a warranty of parts.

Small laptop: For travel or for easy carrying, portable or small laptops that are typically 12 inches or less which are easy to carry inside the bag.

What is the price of laptop in Bangladesh?

Laptop price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 40,000 with latest generation processors and are new and intact. Remember that laptop prices usually depend on processor generation, memory capacity, GPU and body design. But in Bangladesh, the price of laptop is mainly determined based on the processor, so compare the prices before buying. You can check out the list of Core i3 laptop in Bangladesh and they can do all the common tasks easily and are very affordable in terms of price. But you can increase your budget and get a Core i5 laptop and it is suitable for all tasks. Although the price of Core i7 laptop is the highest in Bangladesh, now the price has come down a lot and regardless of the budget, if you can buy any generation of it, all kinds of work can be done easily.

Which OS is best for laptop?

Both are very good for laptop but they run on different platform. Windows laptop is very popular for everyday use and Apple Mac is mostly popular among graphics designer and professionals. Some windows laptop comes with installed licensed Windows. Linux can be installed along with Windows and it's free.

Can I upgrade laptop storage?

Yes, you can upgrade your laptop hard disk. In addition, some laptop has SSD slot so you can install a SSD drive which is 10 times faster than traditional HDD. You can also keep both storage at the same time.

Can I upgrade my laptop graphics card ?

You can not upgrade your graphics card. So, if you are a heavy gamer or designer then go for dedicated graphics card. Shared graphics card is fine for watching videos, browsing Internet, little bit gaming and everydays work. So, if you want to do graphics related work then decide first and due to price drops of GPU these laptop price in BD usually not too much than a traditional laptop.

Can I upgrade my laptop RAM ?

yes, you can upgrade your laptop RAM. Just check, how much RAM can be added in total.

Which laptop brand is best?

HP is one of the popular laptop brand in Bangladesh for it's Envy, Elite, Spectre, Chromebook, Omen, and ZBook Studio series.

Dell brand laptop has excellent performance, and a long battery life.

Toshiba is one of the oldest brand in the world. Toshiba is a top laptop brand in Bangladesh for it's low price and great service.

Asus is another laptop brand that is a first choice among Bangladeshi for its clean design and great support service.

All other brand laptops are very good and currently available in Bangladesh such as Lenovo, Acer, and Sony.

Where is the Bdstall laptop available?

Laptops are available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet and all over Bangladesh at low price.

What extra features should look for?

Before buying a laptop, not only the processor, but also many small things should be kept in mind so that you can buy a good laptop in Bangladesh on a low budget.

Screen size: A 14-inch laptop works best for most people because it is convenient to operate and easy for everyone to carry. The price of a 14-inch laptop in Bangladesh ranges from Taka 15,000 to Taka 40,000 and it depends on whether it is new or used. For many who prefer a larger screen, a 15-inch laptop is enough. Add just Taka 5,000 more to the budget for a 15-inch laptop. Laptops with large screens like 17-inch are available but not very common in Bangladesh so you can search BD stall.

Screen resolution: When buying a laptop we usually look at other things but resolution plays an important role. Most laptops have HD resolution but full HD resolution will be better. It is good for eye as well as professional graphics work. Some newly released models that are usually in the business series have 4K resolution. However, the 4K resolution laptop will cost over Taka 1 lakh in Bangladesh and it will be very light so that it can be easily carried.

Cooling: Check if the selected laptop is hot then additional cooler will be required. Most of the months in Bangladesh are hot. So find such a laptop that  can last for many hours without getting heated easily. The result is ideal for working on your lap or anywhere with this laptop.

Battery life: Battery life plays an important role although it can be easily replaced and the price is usually cheap. But you have to check how long it can give backup. Laptop battery backup will play an important role if you are a frequent traveler. Standard backup is 2.5 hours to 3 hours. Laptop backup for business series is about 7 to 10 hours. Mini laptops also provide similar backups.

2-in-1 laptop: Some laptops have the advantage of flipping so it turns into a tablet. If you like tablets very much, you can choose this type of laptop. Although the price of this type of laptop is usually higher, recently some earlier models are available in Bangladesh at lower prices.

Touch screen: Touch screen is also a great feature and usually works best with 2-in-1 laptops. However, some standard laptops also come with a touch screen to provide more benefits. Note that the same model can come with two variations such as touch screen and non-touch screen.

Keyboard: A good keyboard on a laptop is essential, especially for students and programmers who have to type a lot every day. Smooth keyboard will put less pressure on your fingers. In addition waterproof keyboard is ideal because if any liquid is inadvertently spilled on the keyboard, it will prevent the liquid from entering. If you need to work frequently at night, the backlit keyboard will help you easily identify the keys.

Connectivity: See the number of USB ports, HDMI ports and these will help you connect multiple devices together. Also, if the laptop has WiFi 6, it will give you a boost as it is the next generation wireless connection. An integrated Bluetooth will help in many ways. Some laptop models come with 3G / 4G which will help you connect to the internet using a SIM card. In that case router will not be needed.

Drive: If you need to access digital data from a digital device, an integrated drive will make the job easier. But the weight of the laptop will be a little more with the drive. So, if you use it less, buy without it and add an external drive if necessary.