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Laptop is now everyday life component. Now-a-days, the price of laptop is much more affordable. The price of a laptop depends on processor, RAM, graphics etc. According to the usage of pc, a list of 2019 laptops price and some tips are given below.

Can I upgrade laptop hard disk ?

Yes, you can upgrade your laptop hard disk.

Which one is better for laptop HDD or SSD ?

Hard disk uses spinning technology so this is slower. SSD is almost 10 times faster than HDD so definitely SSD is far better than HDD. Some hybrid laptop comes with SSD + HDD which is very good choice for gamers and professionals.

What type of laptop is best ?

Buy laptop based on your requirements. Below are some laptop type-

Student laptop comes with Intel Atom or Celeron processor, 2 GB memory, 10-14 inch screen and 500 GB hard disk. Price starting at 15,000 BDT.

Standard laptop comes with up to core i3 laptop processor, 2 GB RAM, 14-inch screen and up to 1TB hard disk. Price starts from 25,000 Taka.

Professional laptop usually comes with high configuration to run most of the application faster. Core i9 and SSD are one of the key features.  Price starts from 90,000 Taka.

Business series or portable laptop is lightweight & thin and comes with up to Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, dedicated graphics card, long battery life. Ultrabook is an example of business series laptop. Price varies and usually starts from 100,000 BDT.

Gaming laptop comes with up to 17" screen, SSD or Hybrid disk, core i5 or i7 processor, 8-16 GB RAM, 4-8 GB dedicated graphics card. Price starts from 50,000 and above.

Which OS is best for laptop Windows or MAc ?

Both are very good for laptop but they run on different platform. Windows laptop is very popular for everyday use and Mac laptop is mostly popular among graphics designer and professionals. Some windows laptop comes with installed licensed Windows. Linux can be installed along with Windows and it's free.

Can I upgrade my laptop graphics card ?

You can not upgrade your graphics card. So, if you are a heavy gamer or designer then go for dedicated graphics card. Shared graphics card is fine for watching videos, browsing Internet, little bit gaming and everydays work.

Can I upgrade my laptop RAM ?

yes, you can upgrade your laptop RAM.

Which laptop screen size is best ?

14 and 15-inch are most popular among students and professionals. 13.3 or smaller screen laptop usually very lightweight and desinged for business user as portability is one of the key feature.

Which laptop brand is best ?

All brand laptop is very good and currently available in Bangladesh. Some popular brands are Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Sony, and Toshiba.