HP Probook Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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HP ProBook laptops are at the top of the demand of the buyers because HP business series laptops are now available in the market of Bangladesh at relatively low prices.

Why is HP ProBook different from other series?

HP ProBook series laptops have advanced security systems so you can work safely. It is one of the most popular HP laptop models as it can be easily used for presentations or any business work. And other features are discussed below:

Screen: HP ProBook laptop screens come with anti-glare as well as 67% sRGB which helps images look better.

Touchpad: The touchpad of most HP ProBook laptops also has features like three-finger swiping, pinch-to-zoom and object rotation which are very helpful while working on the laptop.

Slim and Lightweight: HP ProBook laptops are relatively slim and light which makes them easy to carry. Also, these laptops require less space to carry in the bag.

Graphics: Most HP ProBook laptops have Intel UHD Graphics 620 cards which are best suited for casual gaming.

Battery Backup: Most new models of HP ProBook laptops can run on battery backup for up to 14 hours on a single charge. Relatively long battery backup makes it suitable for today's rural Bangladesh landscape.

Purpose of Work: HP ProBook laptops can be used for various purposes and the internal configuration of the laptops can be changed according to the type of work. This series of laptops can be used for business purposes and can also be customized for gaming.

Durability: HP ProBook series is the best in terms of durability. Laptops in general tend to see a lot of user complaints about durability. However, the most durable laptops in Bangladesh today are HP laptops of which the HP ProBook is one.

Attractive Appearance: HP laptop series are always attractive in design but HP's ProBook series laptops are one of the designs that attract the user and everyone around.

What is the price of HP ProBook laptop in Bangladesh?

Currently HP ProBook laptops in Bangladesh are available starting from Tk 11,000 to Tk 91,000. HP ProBook Laptop prices vary based on configuration. Again, HP ProBook gaming laptops cost a bit more but offer great gaming performance at a lower price than other gaming series laptops.

Which is the most popular laptop model in HP ProBook series?

Several laptop models of HP ProBook series are popular among users in Bangladesh today. They are now available in Bangladesh in both new and used types.

  • HP ProBook 840 G2
  • HP ProBook 840 G3
  • HP ProBook 840 G4
  • HP ProBook 840 G5
  • HP ProBook 840 G6
  • HP ProBook 440 G8
  • HP ProBook 820 G3